Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Picking extraordinary Bluetooth headphones starts with knowing precisely what you’re searching for. Various headphones are made for various sorts of use. Some of this is simple to see, like with athletic headphones. But deciding between general-use headphones is another issue. A few headphones are made with sound profiles that support bass. Others are assembled specifically for call lucidity. Furthermore, headphones planned for walking purpose won’t really do incredible if you begin running. It’s not just that a few headsets are superior to others, it’s that various headsets can do various things.

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones

Simply the best

  • Decent sound quality
  • Up to 18 hours Battery Life
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Poor noise isolation

Type: Over-ear Headphones | Connectivity: Wirelessly or 3.5mm connector | Bluetooth Range: 10m | Driver Size: 40mm | Impedance: 32 ohms Weight: 230g | Battery Life: 18 hours | Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz

VERDICT: Mpow H7 Wireless Headphones over-ear is engineered to be progressively agreeable and lighter, give you predominant solace at work, commuting or exercising. No wires, 18 hours playtime, you're allowed to lose all sense of direction in your music. CVC6.0 technology gives more clear calls at the two ends of the communication, you'll never miss any call. All this is in just $23. Isn't that good?

First Glance of Mpow H7

Once again we will talk about the headphones delivered by Mpow, and after seeing the review of the Mpow H1 (amazing headset by the extraordinary battery life) and then that of the Mpow Thor, today we talk again of the “H” series and, more exactly, of the Mpow H7. The headphones have great sound quality, with a decent autonomy and an alluring cost! For precision, we are discussing a Bluetooth wireless headset designed for productivity as well as to listen to your preferred music in total solace.

How about we see now with the unpacking and we go down then in detail, so as to see its performance, sound quality and cost.

What’s in the package?


Let us quickly analyze the sales package, and after that, we can see the included accessories! Apparently, the packaging demonstrates a few details on the headset and a stylized picture. All the data to comprehend the highlights of the Mpow H7 is given in it.

Open the cardboard box then we will get a delicate bag to hold the headphones, a few accessories which include a jack cable 3.5 mm audio cable which is of varied length and a small USB cable for charging. There is a little manual of use and instructions, and a worksheet for the warranty. The provided cables are not especially long and don’t pass on a positive sentiment on the build quality. However, it works appropriately and will not make any sort of issue in using.

Built and Design

The Mpow H7 is considered as value-oriented headphones. None of their features goes well beyond the desires for decent headphones inside this price range. Rather, value-based headphones focus on ensuring that nothing about your experience is disappointing. From the battery life to the solace on your head, the Mpow H7 is going for the middle.

By their very nature, over-ear headphones are the biggest variety of headphones. The H7 are intended to be marginally more compact than typical over-ear headphones. The ear-cups which spread on your ears are smaller. The ear padding is somewhat slimmer. Inside, even the 40mm audio drivers are marginally more compact than their 50mm counterparts.

One issue with making over-ear headphones progressively convenient is that they will lose their adjustability. The Mpow H7 stays away from those issues completely. Even though these headphones are on the smaller side, they haven’t abandoned the capacity to completely modify the height of the headband or abandoned swiveling from the ear cups. A stainless steel slider takes into account four extra inches of space, which adds extensively to both flexibility and choices for solace. What’s more, the ear-cups themselves utilize a closed design, preventing natural sound from entering the Mpow H7 while you’re tuning in to them. It has passive noise cancellation, not active noise cancellation. This design likewise prevents sound from seeping out into the environment around you, possibly irritating others. Despite the fact that the amount of sound isolation isn’t sensational, it’s both detectable and significant.

On the bottom side of the right ear-cup, you will see touch controls for volume. There’s additionally a small circular call button underneath the volume console. Being isolated from different media controls makes it simple to discover and press the right button. Adjoining the media controls, you’ll find a little LED used to demonstrate the status of the battery, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Indeed, the aesthetic part is unquestionably significant.

Soft paddings make them quite comfortable

Comfortable And Adjustability

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones are consequently among the most comfortable kind of headphones you can pick. They don’t press against your ears, as on-ear headphones. They don’t press against your ear channel, as in-ear headphones. What’s more, they don’t viciously press against your head like a pilot’s headset.

Almost every pair of over-ear headphones utilizes some kind of adaptable foam. The memory-protein earmuff foam appears to be slightly denser than normal adjustable foam. Furthermore, the headband utilizes a comparable foam material. Although it’s a genuinely slight layer of the foam, it gives enough cushioning to the headset to be comfortable against your skin. Covering the foam is a faux leather material that is very smooth, and fairly simple to wipe down. Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones weigh about half a pound i.e. 230g. That is just about a bullseye for the ideal weight for a headset. The structure enables you to wear the H7 truly throughout the day without them getting to be tedious. It likewise doesn’t hurt that the ear cups swivel in either direction. Individuals have an instinct that costly things ought to be heavy. It’s an instinct that fails us from time to time. When picking headsets, a heavier pair can proceed in giving shoulder and neck torment. These kinds of weight issues are particularly significant if you plan on utilizing the headset for a long period.


The main role of the swivel design is to help give equivalent solace and noise isolation, regardless of who’s wearing the headset. However, for that reason, you extremely just need a couple of degrees of adjustability. The Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones have very nearly a full scope of swiveling capacities. You can even lay them flat against a table, or on your neck while you’re not tuning in. Isn’t this so much durable?

Microphone Quality

When you’re picking budget Bluetooth equipment, most segments will have average performance. For the Mpow H7 Bluetooth headphones, a couple of parts are as ordinary as its microphone. If you’ve used numerous Bluetooth gadgets, you will realize that even ordinary Bluetooth microphones are truly great. They give the sound quality that will in general match or surpass what you pull from a cell phone. Also, that is basically what you can anticipate from the microphone here.

This doesn’t mean that the microphone isn’t great. It’s simply that it has no special features to separate itself. If you don’t have surprisingly high expectations, the H7 and its microphone still get a passing grade. It has CVC6.0 noise-canceling microphone technology which gives you more clear communication. You can grasp hands-free calls without reaching your phone. You can simply hear what you want.

Neodymium drivers

Audio Quality

The Mpow H7 has numerous basics working to support itself. Since these are over-ear headphones, their sound quality is without a doubt superior to practically any match of in-ear or on-head headphones in this price range. Having more air to control and having bigger sound drivers aren’t little points of interest when it comes to the task of creating superb sound quality.

But beyond these comparative advantages, the Mpow H7 doesn’t offer much. When you begin to contrast these ear-headphones with comparative headphones in a similar price range, you’ll find practically every one of them sounds very similar. With few exceptions, sound quality in this price range is primarily software-driven. This means having support for essentials like Bluetooth can do a great part of the truly difficult work. What’s more, the included CSR chip enables you to appreciate music that is tuned with an equalizer to coordinate your personal preferences. The resulting sound would then be able to appreciate some additional kick to its bass. But, normal sound quality is something you’ve truly got the opportunity to expect within this price range.

Battery Life

The Mpow H7 is developed with a built-in 3.7V 420mAh lithium-ion battery. That is entirely little yet at the same time, it’s powerful. Playtime from one charge is around 13-hours. Talk time is more, reaching around 15 hours. With lowering your volume settings, or by disabling Bluetooth with a wired connection, you can hope to reach as much as 20-hours of playtime from one charge. When empty, recharging the battery takes about 4hrs. That is quite a wait. No? However, when the battery isn’t absolutely empty, charge times are then more reasonable.

One more thing to remember is that you can, in fact, play the Mpow H7 while they’re charging, this will waste the life span of the battery. You need to keep them off while charging unless it’s necessary.


The H7 connects through Bluetooth and is fit for connecting with two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time. Offering 30-feet of the stable network is again awfully normal, particularly comparative headsets have begun to push towards 50-feet or 100-feet of availability. But for some people, it won’t be an issue.

The inclusion of a 3.5mm sound port means you can continue playing music without Bluetooth, which can spare you an impressive amount of battery life. It additionally permits the Mpow H7 to connect with gadgets that don’t bolster Bluetooth, however, they have audio jacks. That may include console controllers, CD players, old mp3 players, etc. No doubt it has good hardware. But the main downside is the Bluetooth chip is still to version 4.0, which has not given any issues nor in terms of the quality of the connection.

Mpow Bluetooth headphone is compatible with smartphones, MP3/MP4, TV, laptop, PC, iPad and other Bluetooth devices as well


You can take a look at any pair of wired earbuds in the $20 to $30 range. Their normal life expectancy is most likely genuinely near a half year. Wires are very powerless against harm and are involved in the reason of death for most wired earbud headphones.

Being wireless, the Mpow H7 has an alternate bottleneck for its life span, and it’s the lithium-ion battery. Since it can’t be supplanted, you can foresee around three years of heavy use from the H7. However, with modest use, their life expectancy could be extended further. Truly it’s a reasonable lifespan with respect to cost.


Definitely a worthy set of cans that deserve praise

Though many of the qualities of Mpow H7 looks normal. The nature of their construction coordinates their cost. The microphone won’t inspire you. But the battery life may. When contrasted with most versatile Bluetooth headphones, the H7 and their over-ear design are among the most comfortable within this price range. It is portable yet they didn’t give up on its adjustability.

In case you’re looking portable audio on a budget, over-ear headphones like the H7 are among your best options. Their solace, sound quality, and battery life will outshine. They offer everything you required for versatile sound in plenitude.

Price at the time of review: $23

Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones


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