Mozilla’s Things Gateway 0.5 offers Interactive Floorplan View and a Smart Assistant

Mozilla’s Things Gateway software just received a new update today in its version 0.5 and it offers several interesting features. These new features include support for custom devices and new protocols, safe authorisation of third party applications for accessing gateway, strengthened rules engine, an interactive floor plan view which lets the user lay out devices on the home map and most importantly, an ‘experimental’ smart assistant which can directly be spoken to.

Things Gateway is a Project Things’ component which aims at providing everyone with the services and software required for bridging communication among connected devices. This software is an operating system which is Raspberry Pi-compatible and lets the user control and monitor their home over the internet. The latest update to the software has further expanded the controls for its users. According to Ben Francis at Mozilla Hacks, this software allows for the management of all devices being used in the house through ‘a single secure web interface’. He further wrote, “Today I’m excited to tell you about the latest version of the Things Gateway and how you can use it to directly monitor and control your home over the web, without a middleman. Instead of installing a different mobile app for every smart home device you buy, you can manage all your devices through a single secure web interface.”

The greatest feature of this new update is its experimental smart assistant through which users can conveniently interact simply by using their voice or keyboard. A chat style interface displays the entire conversation.

Mozilla Hacks

In addition to this, a powerful new capabilities system, custom icons and custom web-interface are also some of the features included.

Mozilla Hacks

However, the software’s official page warns that this is simply an ‘experimental’ version of the software and is at the prototype stage. It means that it is not ready for production use as yet and is intended for an early preview for web developers, makers and hackers.


Maira Ahmed

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