Mozilla’s New Reference Browser for Android Begins Beta Testing

Mozilla has announced a new web browser for Android users, its called the Reference Browser. A contributor from Mozilla by the name of Seburo called out for test pilots today, via a blog post. Mozilla is putting high stakes in its new online infrastructure including GeckoView, Glean and a new Firefox Accounts implementation. This new browser will help the company in testing its products before they are made available to the public.

Reference Browser

The Reference Browser is not another android browser by Mozilla but a collection of the infrastructure stated above. It is a mere platform to enable early testing of the company’s products. The reference browser will come bundled with GeckoView, Glean and more such features which will be used in the future browsers by Mozilla for various platforms. The feedback provided by the users will be used by the company to decide whether those features can be glued together or not. “This is NOT a new end product, it is a collection of parts, some or all of which may be used to create web browsers for different platforms. But before we can use them, we need to make sure they all work together in one place.”

The blog post also said that the users’ data will be kept safe but since this a beta program, they recommend backing up data if you wish to join the beta testing.

How to Join the Program and Download Reference Browser?

  1. To become a tester for the Reference Browser, you must join this Google Group and soon you will receive an invite for the program.
  2. Then go to this link from your Android device to start downloading the app.

Make sure you use the same Google account to join the group that will use to download the app from your Android device as this program is invite-only and it is mandatory to join the group to receive an invite.

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Mozilla’s New Reference Browser for Android Begins Beta Testing

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