Mozilla Introduces Firefox 65 for Improved Privacy Controls, New Version Automatically Blocks Slow-Loading Website Trackers

Users of Firefox 65 will get three privacy controls in the browser

Mozilla has been working on updating its browser to give more control to its users. As a result of it, Mozilla Firefox 65 has been officially launched today for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android platform. The new release of the browser will help with content blocking controls, WebP image support, AV1 support on Windows, and other bug fixes and improvement.

Mozilla Firefox 65 is now available for download on for desktop users. People who are already using the Mozilla browser will be able to upgrade to the new version automatically. Firefox 65 rollout for Android users has started slowly and users will be able to download the app or update it once the complete rollout process takes place.

Mozilla Firefox 65 Privacy Controls

According to the company, there are now three options available through which you can set your privacy settings. The first settings that are available include standard, strict, and custom settings.

Standard Setting:

Through standard settings, the browser will block all known trackers that are in the private browsing tab. In the future, third-party tracking cookies will also be blocked in standard settings. These settings are best for those who want to have the same settings for a long period of time.

Strict Setting:

Strict settings are for those who want complete control. Thus the browser will block tracking in all windows which may break some sites as well.

Custom Setting:

The custom setting allows you to pick and choose what you want to block and what you don’t want to block. In order to go to the controls, click the “I” icon on the address bar. You can also see the trackers that are on a particular website through this thing.

Other Features

Apart from privacy controls, Mozilla has also introduced AV1 support. Windows users can now get royalty-free video compression technology. Another feature introduced is support for Google’s WebP image format. Through this feature, Firefox users will be able to witness compressed images with the same quality at smaller sizes.

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Mozilla Introduces Firefox 65 for Improved Privacy Controls, New Version Automatically Blocks Slow-Loading Website Trackers

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