Mozilla Firefox Collabs With Windows 10 Action Center for Push Notifications

First WebP and Now Push Notifications? Mozilla Finally Woke Up!

Similar to other browsers, Firefox supports push notifications but for some reason, it never used the Microsoft Windows 10 Action center for notifications. However, that is about to change with the in-development Mozilla Firefox build 64, as reported by Tech Radar.

The browser is getting updated soon to support Windows 10 Action Center for notifications. The aim here is to improve the overall user experience and make it seamless to access your notifications from Mozilla Firefox.

This is a long-requested feature, ever since Windows 10 rolled out users wanted proper support for Windows 10 Action center. Keep in mind that this feature is completely optional. Of course, not everyone likes to have notification thrown at them every few minutes.

You can go to Windows 10 Action Center settings and disable notifications at any time. Moreover, similar to Chrome, Firefox is going to utilize Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature. The notification system will turn off during certain activities to avoid distraction.

Mozilla Firefox 64 will release in December with the new Windows 10 Action Center Integration. A release date for build 64 is yet to be announced but we expect to hear something in the coming weeks. Currently, Firefox build 62 is publicly available.

Mozilla is making notable changes to its browser in an attempt to catch up to Google Chrome. Earlier, we came to know how Mozilla is finally adding support for WebP, Google’s popular image format.

The format will soon be part of Firefox for Windows and Android devices. However, Apple iOS-based hardware won’t be getting it until early 2019.

Firefox embarrassed WebP after 8 years. The browser squeezed as much as it can from JPEG and PNG and is now looking at WebP. Additionally, the company has invested in AVIF, a brand new AV1 based video format in development. AVIF is seeing interest from Google, Facebook, and many other companies who have invested in it.

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