Motorola Edge+: Will It Break Into The Market With Players Such as The OnePlus 8 Pro?

Motorola has been out of the flagship smartphone game for some time now. It goes to show how even the big players can be pushed out of the market. While the company does manufacture smartphones, these are mostly mid-range devices. Of course, this also a side effect of the company being flipped over to change ownerships these past years. Now though, the company has announced a flagship after ages: The Motorola Edge+.

The Motorola Edge+

The company has left no stone unturned to come up with this flagship which does justice to the name. Packed with the latest Snapdragon 865 SoC inside, The phone does support all ranges of 5G as well. The company wants it to be the “fastest device” out there. Additionally it borrows the main camera sensor from Sony, the same 108-megapixel one that is found in the current Samsung flagships. There are other traditional specs too, covered in GSMArena’s post.

The main focus is on the screen perhaps. The device features a curved display, nothing we haven’t seen before. Where it stands out though is the level of that curve. The device features an almost 90-degree curve to its sides. Additionally, the bezels are extremely narrow, making it quite a futuristic-looking phone. While using some of the features of the edge smartly, as Samsung did with notifications, the company is set to allow developers to play with it. An example would be to add shoulder buttons on the edges with games such as Fortnite. ‘

The Future of this Device?

Maybe it isn’t the best move to talk about a device’s future when there are still days to its launch. We still don’t know how it would perform in the real world. Speaking from precedence though, there are newer players in the market, such as the OnePlus devices. The OnePlus 8 Pro recently came out and coming in at a $100 cheaper, there is little incentive for users to switch over to this device, or choose it in the first place. Secondly, in the US, the device would only be available on Verizon. This limits the user-base even more. Perhaps this may be the jump back for Motorola that the company needed. As a personal opinion though, that doesn’t seem the case in the US. Perhaps we would know for sure when the device comes out on the 12th of May.

Sarmad Burki
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