Most of LGs High-end TVs Suffer from Flickering at High Refresh Rates Owing to a Manufacturing Fault

With the launch of new consoles and new generation of graphics cards by Nvidia and AMD, the next gen of gaming is on its way. Unlike the current-gen, the next-gen will heavily bank on faster load times and high FPS. In order to benefit from higher refresh rates, one must possess a high-refresh-rate monitor or TV. Most console owners prefer TVs, which is the reason why big TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony now have gaming modes and variable refresh rate displays in most of their high-end TVs.

According to a report from a German tech site winfuture, many of the high-end OLED TVs from LG that support variable refresh rate technology are suffering from a major manufacturing fault. These variable refresh rate system in these high-end TVs requires the console or the GPU to put out 120FPS or more constantly. If the gaming machine is unable to put these many frames per second, the screen starts to flick with image turning into a grey and black mesh. Moreover, it has also been noted that flickering of individual diodes may also occur, which can be detrimental to the TV.

The reason for the problem is that the subpixels of the TV are designed to work for a fixed 120Hz frequency in VRR mode. It means after every 8.33 millisecond, these pixels wait for the next command to refresh the whole display, giving the user a smooth experience. Now, if the gaming machine is unable to put these many frames in a second, the subpixels will overload, which will inevitably result in flickering.

To make matters worse, it is considered that the issue can not be solved simply by a software update. Since it affects the hardware, consumers who have already bought their TVs for gaming will suffer. According to LG, new gamma curves at different frequencies may reduce the flickering, but they did not announce whether such a solution can be implemented via a software update.

Mohsin Naeem
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