More on Whiskey Lake U i7-8565 and i5-8265 CPUs go up to 4.5GHz 15W

More rumors are circling around Intel's upcoming Whiskey Lake U mobile processor line

At Computex this year we saw Intel reveal some cool things including a 28 core monster of a processor that they pushed all the way up to 5GHz, but the other thing they revealed may be a lot more immediate. The new line of Whiskey Lake U processors that are going to boost the power of laptops and mobile devices past the limits of the Kaby Lake R processors that are on the market right now. The recent benchmark leak from Tum Apisak revealed to us that Whiskey Lake will take Kaby Lake performance and add another 500MHz to it. The two CPUs that have been revealed, the i5-8265 U and the i7-8565 U, are going to have the same base clock speeds as the i5-8250 U and the i7-8550 U at 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz, but more power will come to the Whiskey Lake processors in the form of turbo boost without even upping the TDP. Both lines of processors are made using the same 14nm++ development process and without any difference in cores, Intel has just found a way to finesse the power management to make Whiskey Lake a genuine improvement.

Of course, Whiskey Lake is nothing compared to the new line of Coffee Lake S processors that are going to start the ninth generation of processors for Intel, and those will have more cores than what we’ve previously seen before. Whiskey Lake is still eighth generation, so we’ll see the true boost in power when Coffee Lake S lands.

But when will we see Whiskey Lake technology? Intel hasn’t said anything since Computex so nothing is official, but manufacturers are already listing Whiskey Lake devices online. Among the devices listed there were laptops containing 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 1TB HDD with a 256GB SSD alongside, and an NVIDIA MX150 graphics chip carrying 2GB of DDR5 RAM. There were no concrete prices on the listings we saw and the’ve been actually taken down since then, but we can probably safely assume that the launch of Whiskey Lake is coming soon. Come the fall we might see these processors work their way into laptops and the like.

Pricing wise, there shouldn’t be much of a difference in price when compared to the current Kaby Lake R line, though the extra boost in power will definitely raise the price somewhat. Whiskey Lake is also a mobile architecture so chances are you’re not going to be buying these processors without a computer around it. Laptops with current Kaby Lake processors are running upwards of $750 and go into the $1000 area for more powerful i7 devices.

Alas, the lack of information regarding Whiskey Lake only means that we should be getting some kind of news from Intel soon, so stay tuned. We’ll be here to cover that.

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More on Whiskey Lake U i7-8565 and i5-8265 CPUs go up to 4.5GHz 15W

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