Xbox Fans Can Expect More In-Game Footage for First-Party Titles at 2023 Showcase

Xbox fans will get what they'll see!

The highly anticipated Xbox Showcase 2023 is just around the corner, and Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, Aron Greenberg, has just revealed an exciting fact that will surely set your bar of expectations high. In a recent reply to a tweet, Greenberg confirmed that the showcase will not rely on those flashy, but often deceiving, “full CG trailers” for their first-party titles. Instead, they will be treating us to a feast of in-game, in-engine, or in-game footage with cinematics.

By showcasing in-game footage, Microsoft is giving the fans a true taste of what’s to come. The anticipation is building, and the hype is off the charts. We can now rest assured that what we see at the event will be a faithful reflection of the actual games.

But that’s not all! Greenberg also revealed another exciting change in the format of the showcase. Unlike previous events, where release windows for announced games was for between next 12 months after the event, this time around, they won’t be setting any specific dates. This decision comes in light of past experiences when games like Redfall and Starfield faced unfortunate delays, leaving fans disappointed and impatient.

As we eagerly count down the days to the event, when the Xbox Showcase will take center stage, the anticipation continues to skyrocket. On June 11th, 2023, Microsoft will finally unveil what they have been working on behind the scenes, taking the stage to showcase their latest games. 

Following the showcase, there will be a dedicated Starfield Direct, providing fans with more information about the highly anticipated Xbox game, Starfield. What do you think about Aron’s statement? Does it raise your expectations? Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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