More GTX 1180 Information Surface Online As Speculations Over The 1100 Series Continue To Grow

Nvidia today launched the RTX 2060 at CES 2018. While the RTX 2060 does seem like a pretty good GPU, the Tensor cores are still irrelevant. At least, for gamers. RayTracing has caused severe performance issues while DLSS works at 4k only. With AMD’s 7nm Navi looking pretty alluring as per rumors, it makes sense for Nvidia to launch their 1100 series. That is, the 2000 series minus the Tensor cores. That of course, will come at cheaper rates as compared to their RTX counterparts. It seems like this is coming true, at least as per rumors.

GTX 1180 vs RTX 2080 | Source: Video Cardz

As Video Cards reports, a benchmark of the GTX 1180 has leaked online. “The software recognizes the GPU as GeForce RTX 2080. This means that GTX 1180 is likely based on Turing architecture. That said, the rumor about GTX 11 series utilizing Pascal Refresh might not be true after all.”,Video Cardz adds. There is no direct comparison available since the benchmark was run on Linux. But, a comparison with the RTX 2080 on Windows, gave almost similar results.

Keeping all rumors aside, this sounds too good to be true. The launch of a card without the Raytracing features will not be the best move by Nvidia. If the 1100 series comes out, and gives similar performance to the 2000 series at less prices, it’ll make the 2000 series irrelevant.

That is because of the fact that Ray Tracing and DLSS, both features for which the users will be a paying a premium for are pretty useless at this stage. Only a few games adopt Ray Tracing and DLSS, first of all. On top of that, they are not well refined since they are in early stages of development.

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