More Details on The Galaxy Watch 3: 30 Hour Battery Life According to App Screenshot

We talked about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 before. Over time, we have gotten small bits and pieces of the larger story. We know that it would feature a similar round design but with a rotating bezel. We also know that the watch would feature sensors from the Galaxy Active 2. It would even follow the same style of charging dock used in the aforementioned watch from Samsung. Now though, we have some real-life photos of the device from the twitter of Max Weinbach.

We first got to know that the device would feature two sizes and LTE connectivity. Then we got to know more about the sensors. These latest leaks which Max tweets about from the article published by Android Police, these show that the watch runs with some great battery life. According to the article, the photos leaked show the watch in a better view. The images are clearer this time around and the images include screenshots of the supported app as well. While the app does not give off much information, it does give us an idea of the battery life. Although it only gives us a screen that shows battery remaining, the page has used its math to figure out that there is about 30 hours of juice in this watch as the total charge time.

Secondly, we see that the entire watch looks quite nice. The display, at least in the photos, looks quite good. Perhaps we would know for sure in the months to come. Perhaps it has some exciting features in store.

Sarmad Burki
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More Details on The Galaxy Watch 3: 30 Hour Battery Life According to App Screenshot

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