Mordhau Adding Ranked Mode, New Maps And Quality of Life Improvements

Mordhau developer Triternion has revealed big plans for its multiplayer medieval slasher. Over the next few months, the game will receive a large amount of content, including new maps, game modes, and quality of life improvements. The most notable addition will be a dedicated ranked mode which will greatly improve the “high-skill gameplay” aspect of the game.

Ranked Mode

The developers haven’t revealed much about ranked, as the mode is still in development. However, we know that there will be six rank divisions, each having five individual ranks. The lowest rank bracket is Bronze, and the highest is Elite. There’s also an unranked division, meaning at first players will need to earn their rank by playing a couple of ranked matches.


Invasion Mode

Alongside ranked, Triternion is working on Invasion, a large-scale attack/defend mode which will “capture the feeling of a medieval battle”. The upcoming mode allows up to 64-players to siege and capture objectives. The developers say that they want maximum compatibility between game modes and maps, so Invasion will also be playable on the current maps.

As new modes are added to Mordhau, the pre-existing ones won’t be left behind. After numerous complaints from players regarding the frequent stalemates of Frontline, Triternion will be adjusting the mode in the future. The goal is to achieve more of a “tug of war” and increase the “player’s feel of involvement with the objectives.”

Gameplay Improvements

Balancing a medieval combat game, especially one as huge as Mordhau, is a difficult task. The developers are aware that some aspects of the game, such as horses and firebombs, are frustrating and “unfun” to play against. As such, these mechanics will be tweaked and fine-tuned in the upcoming patches.

Toxicity and racism are two major problems plaguing the Mordhau community. The developers are considering numerous solutions, such as client-side chat filters and algorithms to detect griefing players. Players should also notice a reduction in vote-kick abusing thanks to a more refined and informative vote selection screen.

Mordhau still has a lot of issues it needs to tackle, but the developers are certainly on the right track.


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