Mopria Print Service 2.5 Brings Multi-Hole Punch and More to Android Printing

The Mopria Printing Allaince develops their application to make printing from Android phones easier and more customizable.

Mopria Print Service, an app that helps solve the issue of printer compatibility in mobile printing, was recently updated to version 2.5. This version introduces features like multi-hole punching,  selecting multiple finishing options, and automatic caching of printer defaults.

Printing on Android smartphones and tablets is not the most user-friendly experience. Google has had trouble finding ways to make Android perfectly compatible with printers from different manufacturers. Google Cloud Print in 2013 was an admirable initiative in that direction for the manufacturers that supported it.

Mopria built on Google’s APIs, called Android Print Framework, to come up with the application to solve printer compatibility issues. They also added multiple new features not present otherwise in Android’s default printing application.

The Mopria Print Service app allows you to control print settings such as color, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type and orientation. For the workspace, they also have punching, folding, stapling, PIN printing, user authentication, and accounting features.

Additional Features in Mopria Printing Service, Source: Mopria

The Mopria Alliance

Mopria Print Service is developed by the global non-profit organization Mopria Alliance. It tackles the challenge of offering compatibility with different printers from one mobile platform. Mopria Alliance was founded in 2013 by the largest names in printing – Canon, HP, Xerox, and Samsung. The alliance now has 20 different companies, all working together towards the goal of universal printer compatibility on mobile phones. 97% of printers sold worldwide are now Mopria certified.

In August 2017, Mopria announced that Android Oreo will, by default, have Mopria’a printing framework. This means that all Oreo users can enjoy better printer compatibility by default.

“With Mopria technology at the core of the Android 8.0 Oreo Default Print Service, users no longer need to download a mobile printing service and printer discovery is automatic, allowing easy mobile printing to more than 100 million Mopria certified printers from any Android 8.0 Oreo device.” the statement said.

Those who are on the lookout for a more powerful printing service on their Android Smartphone can download Mopria Print Service from the Play Store.

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