Monster Hunter’s New Chapter Leaked Through Discord

The role-playing fantasy video game Monster Hunter first appeared in 2004 on the original PlayStation 2. The game grew into a massive franchise that drew millions of players from around the world. The fifth game in the Monster Hunter series and the most recent sequel is called Monster Hunter: Rise. Despite not having been revealed, the sixth chapter has been revealed because of a small error in the discord gifting system

A recent leak from earlier today, based on a Discord data mining, claims that a new installment in the series, apparently titled “Monster Hunter: Paradise,” is in development. Furthermore, the data miner claims that this has been verified by a representative of Discord. The snapshot from Discord shows the name of the claimed title. According to the pictures in a tweet, the gift can not be claimed before December 31, 2022.


It’s important to note that in a significant cyberattack against Capcom in November 2020, Monster Hunter 6, the future game in the franchise, was accidentally announced to be released in 2023. But as of right now, all of this is just speculation. Furthermore, a lot of players doubt the validity of this data mine and believe it might be a fraud.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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