Monster Hunter is getting a Live-Action movie

After the sneaky news about having a Live-Action movie for Monster Hunter back in 2016, Capcom has finally announced that the game will be getting a Live-action movie, the production of which will start from September 2018. Monster Hunter is one of the Capcom’s fastest selling ever game with nearly 6 million copies sold up till yet.

Another news that you might want to listen to, is about who will be dealing with the production, eh? Well, whether you will be glad upon hearing it or not, it depends. If you have been a fan of the live-action movie series of Resident Evil, then you will be pleased to know that the same team will be handling the Monster Hunter project too.

This will be a kind of reunion for the Resident Evil team. According to Variety, Paul W.S. Anderson will be the director, Jeremy Bold will be the producer and the movie will be starring Jovovich. It will be shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Toronto’s Mr. X will be dealing with the special effects of the movie, who did the same for the Resident Evil live-action movies too. The movie has an estimated budget of $60 million.

Even if you are not a big fan of the Resident Evil movies, you simply cannot deny the fact that they really were a financial success and made a lot of money. Now come on, they weren’t that bad! They wouldn’t have made so much money out of the series if that was the case. Can we expect the Monster Hunter to also have a series like the Resident Evil? Well, we gotta and watch for that.

Who knows if they make a crossover with the Street Fighter universe in the next movie like the recent mode? Na, I’m just kidding. How do you like the idea of this live-action movie? We hope you too are pretty excited for its release. Are you a fan of the Monster Hunter series? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monster Hunter is getting a Live-Action movie

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