Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) Bookshelf Speakers Review

Everybody has a dream of having the right audio solutions for his specific needs. Theater settings or for just music in general. But, with quality and better products, we generally assume much higher price tags and are sort of turned away. When we think of Audio solutions, many brands come to mind, but we never thought that one of our best options would come from Monoprice. Monoprice has been decent in what it produces but has never really caught the eye of the market, that is until the 108250 2-way bookshelf speakers.

Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) Speakers

Extreme Value


  • Best Price
  • Acceptable Sound Quality


  • Low Quality Cable clips
  • Nothing Special in design
  • Limited Features

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Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.4 x 11.9 inches | Rating: 80 watts at 8 ohms | Frequency: 60 - 20000 Hz | Woofer: 6.5 inch | Weight: 7.2 lb each | Tweeter: 0.5 inch dome

VERDICT:The Monoprice 108250 2-Way bookshelf speakers are some of the cheapest in their respective category. Even with the price, the audio quality sounds great, not top tier but it will do just fine. The product has its weaknesses but we believe with the price tag it offers, it gets the job done and we definitely recommend them .

The standard looking Monoprice 108250

Now, the Monoprice speakers we have in question here today, go by 3 names, this has caused a bit of confusion among some of the buyers. The Monoprice 108250, the MBS-650 and the 8250 are in fact the same speakers. For some reason, Monoprice has not addressed this fact and that made for some troublesome user experiences. We aim to look at the speakers critically at a reasonable length and find out if these are the best speakers for you.


The Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) are all black in design and sport a very standard design. They have hard square corners, their size is also pretty big compared to other bookshelf speakers and they come with a detachable mesh sheet at the front. With the mesh sheet on they just look like a black box honestly. The product is roughly 11.9 x 8.1 x 6.4 (Height x Width x Depth) and weighs about 7.2 pounds per speaker, so roughly 14.4 lb total.

The design of the front side

You get a 6.5-inch woofer below and above it, you have a 0.5-inch tweeter. The woofer is a big one, especially for a speaker set of this size and price range. At the back, you have 3 things to look at in total. First of all, you have a keyhole wall mount option at the top. Secondly, you have a bass port for the woofer in the center. Thirdly, at the bottom are the spring wire clips. Below the clips are some technical specifications of the product. The power management of the product has been specified at 80 watts, but using the product at higher wattage is possible at even 100 watts plus.

Look at the backside

As far as the design goes, there is literally nothing special here in this regard. They have a front grill of mesh which is removable, this is a nice design front but it is not unusual for speakers to have this. Apart from that, the rest of the build is pretty standard, the keyhole mount is new but ineffective as using the mount would just stop the access of the bass port. So, although a nice option appears to be superficial and not well thought out. The speakers are also quite big, surprisingly big, so you have to keep in mind their size as well. We would have liked Monoprice to have made the spring clips of better quality or used some other solution in general. By making the product budget-friendly they overlooked some core features that users will definitely find trouble in using.


The Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) has one great strength that no one else in its competitors can compete with, its price. These are the cheapest speakers with a good audio result in the market. Remember that to use the speakers, you will have to connect them to an Amp first, these do not plug and play. Connect the speakers to the amp and then you can work with them. One thing to note that the speakers don’t offer any special features. There are no special connectivity features like MicroSD, Bluetooth, and Airplay, etc. Also, there is no status indicator LED lighting and there are no volume control buttons or options either.

As far as audio quality goes these speakers offer pretty good results considering their price. The price will always have to be considered. Mainly due to the fact that it is way less than the rivals. The mids are really good mainly due to the fact that the woofer does its job very well. It is also one of the biggest woofers in the sub 60$ mark market as well. The treble, highs, and lows are also not bad as well as the vocals sounding really nice. All of the above sound results were obviously not mindblowing nor were they studio quality, but they were definitely on par with the other products in the under 60$ market, and versus some products, the sound was even better. Note that this pair of speakers cost about under 40$, way less than the market is offering for similar products.

However, we do have some aspects of sound we were not happy with. Not only us, but a few of the other users of this particular speaker set had issues with the results of the tweeter. People had issues with the tweeter sometimes giving rigid or hard on the ears high notes. They were satisfied with their working of the woofer, but the tweeter gave mixed reactions. If you are not a music enthusiast you won’t find it bothersome but for some of the more ardent music lovers, there may be issues. They might have issues with the not so easy on the ear results the tweeter can have sometimes. The tweeter issue we found could be overcome by personally equalizing the amp your speakers are connected to or if they are connected to a PC, via the equalizer there.

Another shortcoming of the product is in its design. The spring cable clips are very hard to work with and appear to be really cheap in quality and because of that the wires easily get pulled out of the clips even with minimal force. This is a particularly frustrating issue as well, you have to be concerned about this at all times and place the speaker in a place where there is minimal movement of the speakers and you cant probably be moving them at frequent times. Also, for optimal sound experience, it is recommended to place the speakers with a few inches gap between the wall and the speakers, mainly due to the fact so the bass port remains open.

The Monoprice 108250 or MBS-650 is the budget champion

Are they the best for everyone?

We believe that the Monoprice 108250 2-Way speakers are best suited to users on a budget. These can also be useful for users who have no need for a main audio setup. If you already have a main audio setup, you will have no apparent need for these, as these speakers are decent but they are not sensational. They are sensational at the price to performance ratio they offer, not the performance of audio alone. The sound is satisfactory, and it is a product we believe is good enough for most people. It is just the demanding music lovers who may find issues if any.


The Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) are definitely worth their price and more. They compete with the best of the best in the under 60$ category and might even be the best in that regard. The speakers also have some shortcomings in terms of aesthetics. They have weak spring cable clips, and the tweeter may be working a bit too hot as well. Having said all that, the price that they come in, the speakers are definitely destined to succeed.

Price at the time of review: $58

Monoprice 108250 (MBS-650) Bookshelf Speakers


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