How to Monitor Your PC from Your Smartphone

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, an avid video developer or just an avid computer power-user, monitoring your computer, and along with it the temperatures of some of its most instrumental components and other relevant statistics, is certainly a good idea. Monitoring your computer’s temperatures, voltages, fan speeds and so on while you’re actually using your computer is not very hard to do – all you need is a desktop computer-monitoring program. However, what’s trickier is monitoring your PC when you’re away from your PC – say, using your Smartphone.

While using your Smartphone to monitor your PC from afar is not at all easy, it is not impossible either. The most efficient and effective solution for anyone who wants to monitor their PC from their Smartphone is to use a combination of the MSI Afterburner desktop application, the MSI Afterburner Remote Server application and the MSI Afterburner mobile application.

The MSI Afterburner desktop application is one of the best hardware monitoring tools out there, monitoring and providing users with all critical hardware information – from temperatures and usage statistics to clock speeds and voltages – in real time. The MSI Afterburner application for Smartphones does the same thing, but it makes all of the information recorded and monitored by its desktop counterpart available to you on your Smartphone. The MSI Afterburner Remote Server application, on the other hand, makes it possible for the MSI Afterburner Smartphone application to smoothly communicate with the MSI Afterburner desktop application.

By installing the MSI Afterburner desktop application (which can be downloaded by clicking here and the MSI Afterburner Remote Server application (which can be downloaded by clicking here, setting both of them up and then installing the MSI Afterburner Smartphone app (available here for Android devices and here for iOS devices, you can successfully monitor all of your PC’s most important statistics from anywhere in the world as long as you have your Smartphone and both your Smartphone and your PC are connected to the internet.


Pro Tip: If you’re interested in monitoring your PC from your Smartphone, there is a pretty good chance that you’d also want to be able to turn your PC on and off using your Smartphone as a remote. Well, this is what you can use a little Smartphone app called Unified Remote for. Unified Remote acts as a universal remote for your PC – being able to play, pause, forward and rewind the music playing on your PC, acting as a virtual mouse or keyboard for your PC and even allowing you to turn your PC on or off remotely.

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How to Monitor Your PC from Your Smartphone

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