Modder Finds Unfinished Content in Elden Ring Pre-Release Build

Elden Ring doesn’t stop surprising us as one Twitch Streamer by the name of Lance Mcdonald streamed a pre-release version of Elden Ring and found some interesting stuff and unfinished content for the world. The streamer and modder found loads of unfinished content for Elden Ring in the pre-release build. You’d be amazed to know what he has in store for you. So let’s get right into it.

Lance Mcdonald finds Unfinished Elden Ring Content?

Mcdonald made his way to Twitter and revealed to the internet that he was able to gain entry into a beta build of the game two months before the game was even released. He decided the best route would be to live stream the game on Twitch.

It was confirmed by the modder that the beta version for Elden Ring consisted of heaps of unfinished content. What he found consisted of different items, mechanics, and enemies that didn’t make it to the final and current build of Elden Ring. He also exploited a full debug camera as well.

NME interviewed McDonald during his broadcast, and he explained how he got access to this version of the game.

“This is my own work, I patched the game to enable this feature, I ported a bunch of code to make this work, it’s just the build of the game.”

But it doesn’t end there. He explained that he was running the pre-release version on a network test user interface and that he was playing this build on a jailbroken PS4.

The stream featured Elden Ring in the debug camera mode. McDonald activated the camera and it allowed him to freely explore wherever he wanted. By using this mode, the streamer was able to discover that the Spectral Steed Torrent and Melina come to the starting location where the player comes to after being killed by the Grafted Scion. But there was lots of other unfinished content in Elden Ring that he has yet to cover.

Elden Ring Unfinished Content
Lance McDonald being himself on Twitter | Twitter

He was also able to skew his perspective during cutscenes and zoomed really close to the set pieces as well as his playable character. This could be a great tool to take some awesome screenshots.

We don’t know what more unfinished content modders will find in Elden Ring. There still might be loads of undiscovered content. But using their modding powers, hackers will find them. Only time will tell.

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