Modded AMD Vega 56 Is Able To Beat The RTX 2070, If You Don’t Mind A Toasted Card

Not Something That We Can Recommend

The Nvidia RTX 2070 is the new shiny graphics card on the market which is priced at around $500. The AMD Vega 56 is an older card that is based on the AMD Vega architecture. The RTX 2070 is supposed to blow the Vega card out of the water but what if I told you that you can force the AMD Vega 56 to beat the new RTX 2070?

For modding the AMD card to outperform the 2070, you simply need to make changes to the registry in order for the card to be able to pull more power. The additional power results in better performance. I should mention that even though you do get better performance using this power mod, we do not recommend that you use it.

At this point, we are not sure what kind of effects this mod will have on the AMD Vega 56 in the long term. Voltage is something that you need to be very careful with and introducing additional voltage to the graphics core might give you additional power benefits but it will also degrade the core over time. GamersNexus modded the Vega 56 and mentioned that there could be performance degradation over time.

The AMD Vega card does pull significantly higher power and that is something to keep in mind if you are willing to get this card and then mod it in order to save some money, although not a feasible solution. It is also interesting to note that you might get better performance against the stock Nvidia RTX 2070, the 2070 can be overclocked to beat the boosted Vega 56. If you are willing to overclock the AMD card that far then I assume that you would do the same with the Nvidia card, so that is something to keep in mind.

Talking about the performance difference, the modded AMD RX 56 is able to get up to a 5% lead over the stock RTX 2070 depending on the game that you are playing. Gamers Nexus did a very detailed test and you can check out all the numbers in the video included below:

While you can save some money with this AMD Vega 56 mod, the RTX 2070 can easily overcome this advantage when overclocked. You also need to consider the fact that at such high voltage, the modded card is going to degrade over time, turning into toast.

Talha Amjad
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Modded AMD Vega 56 Is Able To Beat The RTX 2070, If You Don’t Mind A Toasted Card

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