Mistborn Author Brandon Sanderson Requests Collaboration with CD Projekt Red over Mistborn Adaptation

Recently, following the legal issues between Andrzej Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red, author of the Mistborn epic fantasy novels made a statement to the Polish developer on Reddit. In a reply to a Reddit post, Brandon Sanderson shared his thoughts and informally asked CD Projekt Red to collaborate with him on an adaptation for Mistborn. Sanderson jokingly says that, if they want to, the Witcher developers can have the Mistborn rights for free.

“In all seriousness, I’d love to do something with CDPR. They’ve made by far the best book-to-video game adaptations ever,” reads the post. “It’s the sort of thing the rest of us salivate over–if for the simple reason that the entire genre (books, film, and games) benefit from something high-quality on the market like the Witcher games.”

Sanderson’s statement about CDPR creating the “best book-to-video game adaptations ever” is something that we can all agree with. Even Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the Witcher novels, became involved in legal disputes with CD Projekt Red following the success of the Witcher video games.

He continues: “I would seriously consider giving CD Project Red the rights to my books for free, because the overall cultural impact that a great story adaptation can have is enormous. Though…I suspect they’re done dealing with self-important fantasy authors, and are likely more interested in creating their own new IPs.”

Interestingly enough, in the recent years, Brandon Sanderson has been working to create a video game prequel called Mistborn: Birthright. After numerous delays since its announcement in 2012, the game was cancelled in July of 2017. The game was supposedly under development by Little Orbit, with the story being written by Brandon Sanderson himself.

For now, CD Projekt Red has not addressed Sanderson’s statement, although fans of the Mistborn series are ecstatic about a Mistborn video game created by the praised Polish developers.

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Mistborn Author Brandon Sanderson Requests Collaboration with CD Projekt Red over Mistborn Adaptation

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