Minecraft Legends New Trailer Shown Off, Launches This April

The release date for Minecraft: Legends has been announced in a new trailer released by Microsoft. The release date was listed as April 18th, 2023. In addition, pre-orders for the game also start today.

The gameplay in Minecraft Legends is a two-team, cross-platform PVP battle for a maximum of eight players. The goal of each team is to take control of the other base and destroy it while protecting their own. It’s basically like an updated version of the highly successful mobile title, Clash of Clans.

All the members of a given side have access to the same army and resources, which is great for cooperative groupings. Once a player decides to launch an attack, the second phase of the match begins. This is where the cat-and-mouse element comes into play as both sides try to fortify their respective bases in preparation for the upcoming attack.

Mojang promises that PvP combat in Minecraft Legends will be fast and unpredictable, despite the game’s basic gameplay being quite similar to the campaign. There is a four-on-four public vs mode available on each server for a maximum of eight players. Although it bears many similarities to the campaign map, the in-game map appears to be less expansive.

Each team’s ultimate objective during an invasion in Minecraft Legends is to completely demolish the opposing team’s base. This can be done through a variety of ways, including but not limited to raiding enemy castles and stealing their resources or using force to prevent the opponent from expanding across the map.

Minecraft Legends’ PvP servers will continue to spawn Piglin opponents in addition to regular players. Piglin warriors from the Nether may randomly appear and attack players if they aren’t actively engaged in combat with the opposing team. The limited resources on the landscape mean that fighting these creatures may not always be the best use of your time.

While all this may seem interesting, there is still time till the game is released. Till then, we will keep you updated as new information becomes available. 


Muhammad Qasim

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