Fan Recreates the Iconic Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft in Six Years!

Minecraft has grounded itself as one of the most played games of all time. People that denied Minecraft’s ingenuity initially have joined the fanbase and the Minecraft community grows with each passing day. But some Minecraft veterans have known the ins and outs of the game for years and they still continue to work on their projects to this very day. Take the example of one Minecraft player and fan who’s been busy working on a recreation of the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft.

Fan Recreates Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft

Minecraft has become a phenomenon not only in the gaming industry but also as a popular culture across the globe. The title grooms human creativity and imagination and provides limitless experiences allowing players to build, explore and imagine to new heights.

For many users, Minecraft is simply a means to connect with each other, visit friends’ worlds and have a good time. But for others, the title is an outlet for expressing incredible feats of imagination and creativity. This has been showcased by a player who recently posted his epic recreation of Hogwarts in Minecraft to the Minecraft Subreddit. The post has been made just in time as Hogwarts Legacy was given a release date by Avalanche Software of 28 February 2022 including a Gamescom 2022 feature just a few days ago.

hogwarts castle minecraft
The marvelous architecture of the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft | Minecraft Subreddit

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is truly an iconic location in the Harry Potter series. It’s a castle that will be the centerpiece of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy RPG. The school in the mystical novel is doubt enormous, featuring turrets and halls, and has taken this player nearly six years to recreate, and it’s still not done if you’re wondering.

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A Reddit user who goes by the name ducky_67 recently posted a video of himself to the Minecraft Subreddit which showed a detailed creation of the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft. The recreation includes several intricate portions of the castle, like the floating candles in the Great Hall and the garden featured outside of Hagrid’s cozy hut. Minecraft is no doubt a survival game but the recreation of the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft showcases other hidden aspects of the title, being the creativity that Minecraft inspires in its player base.

Minecraft Hogwarts! Started it 6 years ago today and still working on it! from Minecraft

The Hogwarts Castle looks impressive as the Redditor and fan has nailed down the tall pointy pillars, arches, and bridges that stand just beside a lake, akin to what we’ve seen in the Harry Potter movies. We also got a look in one of the bathrooms that serve as the entry to the iconic Chamber of Secrets from the movie with the same name.

The attention to detail and dedication is spot on as the fan also recreated the impressive Hogwarts Library that houses tens of thousands of books on thousands of shelves. But it doesn’t end there, players can also visit the iconic Quidditch pitch where the Death Eaters interfered with the Quidditch Match during the World Cup, causing Harry to pass out.

hogwarts castle minecraft fan
Hagrid’s cozy little hut outside Hogwarts | Minecraft Subreddit

Minecraft is truly a beloved title and due to its loyal fanbase and long-running history, players have gone the extra mile to achieve incredible feats to further the community and its history. From those who speedrun the game and defeat the Ender Dragon in minutes, to players that have mined every single block in Minecraft, the game is certainly home to one of the most dedicated communities that gaming has ever seen.

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With this passion have come numerous shows of dedication, affection, and talent that can’t be denied, both for Minecraft itself and another cultural phenomenon. While the recreation of Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft is one of the more impressive fan constructions and displays of dedication and perseverance, it is by no means the only awesome masterpiece to come out of a community as huge, loyal, and dedicated as the Minecraft community.

hogwarts castle minecraft fan
One of the rooms inside the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft | Minecraft Subreddit

There are some recent developments that have been trending in regards to Minecraft and not for the best reasons for that matter. One example is the trend #SaveMinecraft on Twitter that has started due to the upcoming update 1.19.1 which many are calling the chat-reporting update. This option allows Microsoft and Mojang to view chats that players send back and forth and determine if they’re appropriate or not. If considered unacceptable, the platform can decide to ban users from both private and public servers. 

Many players see this as a huge breach of privacy on Microsoft and Mojang’s part, stating that private servers will no longer be private after this update.

#saveminecraft. Literally, nobody asked for this, nobody wants it. It will ruin Minecraft and the community. The number of trolls that will falsely report people, and the smallest things can get taken out of context and you will get banned. – JoeyFreezy on Twitter

While people are going so far as to download a chat reporting blocking software over 200,000 times now in just one day and going in a frustrated frenzy in regards to the 1.19.1 update, there has yet to be a response on the behalf of the creators, and to be honest, fans shouldn’t expect anything. Instead, players should enjoy the update and focus on having fun in a game that they’d been doing for years.

Despite these recent developments, it’s good to see that there are skilled and focused players out there that are ignoring the upcoming update and focusing their time, effort, and resources to create works of art that will go on to inspire further creativity and ingenuity not only in Minecraft but in the real world.

 minecraft fan
The Floating Stairs leading to the various dormitories of Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft | Minecraft Subreddit

While many games push players to focus on being strategic, resourceful, and creative, there are few games like Minecraft that inspire and groom imagination. As long as the title and its fans continue to do what they do best, players will continue to create magnificent examples of architecture and epic landscapes for a long time.

Minecraft is now available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

So, what do you think of this recreation of the Hogwarts Castle in Minecraft that took over six years and more? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye.

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