German Ratings Board Rates Minecraft for Xbox Series X|S, Hinting at Anticipated Visual Upgrade

Long Overdue!

Minecraft is one of those games that has captivated generations for years now. Despite being a 13-year-old game, it is still holding up well to this day, where every other AAA title is striving to be visually appealing and close to reality in both visuals and mechanics. Minecraft is quite the opposite; yet, its simplicity is its unique selling point. 

Thanks to Minecraft players, it is not stuck in the 2010s visually on the PC platform. Dedicated modding communities have developed beautiful-looking mods, usually referred to as ‘RTX ON,‘ for the PC version of Minecraft. These mods not only make reflections on water super realistic, but they also bring vegetation and other elements of the game to life.

However, players on current-gen Xbox Series consoles haven’t been so lucky. Microsoft or Mojang has not officially upgraded Minecraft to utilize the latest upscaling technologies like Ray-tracing, which could give a whole new meaning to depth and realism in games. 

But that might be about to change, as the German game rating board has recently rated Minecraft for Xbox Series X and Series S. This indicates that Mojang and Microsoft are finally gearing up to launch a long-overdue update for Minecraft, allowing console players to enjoy that immersive experience as they destroy an innocent villager’s home or steal their bed. 

Image: USK

While the rating points to an Xbox Series X|S version of Minecraft being on the horizon, it would be best to wait for an official announcement from Mojang or Microsoft before reaching any conclusions about the release date of this update. 

We will surely update you upon receiving any further information about this. Until then, please share your thoughts about this news in the comments section below.


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