Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard Updated to include Significant Improvements for Arabic Dialects

Microsoft today just unveiled a significant update to its SwiftKey keyboard for Android including several enhancements and improvements. The update offers various new features such as support for Android P emoji, fixes for some bad bugs and most importantly, it brings significant improvements to Arabic languages’ keyboard.

Just like it has been bringing different updates to its Edge and Launcher apps, the software giant has remained focused on gradually improving its keyboard as well. Today’s update has been received on Android devices which have the beta version of the app installed. This means that the update to the keyboard for now is meant for Windows Insiders only and the general users may have to wait a little longer to get them.

What’s New?

The changelog for the app on the Play Store mentions the following features included in the latest update:

  • Support for Android P emoji
  • Added Arabic number sign, sign sanah, footnote marker, sign Safha, date separator, s.a.w. & alayhissalam abbreviation symbols & thousands separators to Arabic layouts
  • Added Arabic full stop and percent characters to Urdu layout
  • Added subscript aled, maddah above characters, hamza above & below, ulti pesh/inverted dhamma & extended Arabic digits to Urdu layouts
  • You can now flow “I’m” without it correcting to “I”
  • Direct image insertion now works in WeChat

It is interesting to note that the latest update seems to be mainly focused on improving the Arabic language keyboard. Also, the fix for the issue of word flow for “I’m” is a good step as well because the problem had been occurring for a long time now and the users were quite frustrated.

Microsoft has been particularly committed towards making its experience diverse in terms of different languages and dialects and this update aims to achieve just that. The stable version of the app is available for download here and the beta version can be tried out from this link.

Maira Ahmed
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Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard Updated to include Significant Improvements for Arabic Dialects

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