Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 Latest Images Leak Online Confirming Specifications And Dimensions?

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 8 as well as the Surface laptop 4 have leaked online in the form of images. They confirm the dimensions as well as the basic specifications of the premium tablet and laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablet and the upcoming Surface Laptop 4 have appeared in leaked images online. These images aren’t detailed, but the person who leaked them claims the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablet will get LTE support. Although expected, it is quite possible that Microsoft might just embed a 5G modem within the tablet and perhaps even the laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet and Surface Laptop 4 Clear Korean Certification?

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet and Surface Laptop 4 are expected to be officially announced early next year. Their availability, however, could be slightly delayed beyond the first quarter. Reports claim the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 could launch as early as mid-January, with 11th Gen Intel CPUs and Intel’s Xe graphics support. In other words, there could be a Tiger Lake U processor, which based on the new Willow Cove Core microarchitecture and manufactured in the 10nm SuperFin Fabrication process. The Tiger Lake CPUs have been confirmed to come with Intel’s Gen12 Iris GPU, which is essentially Xe graphics.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 could have AMD CPU with onboard AMD Radeon Vega graphics apart from standard Intel processor options. However, reports claim these processors will likely be a custom Microsoft chip based on AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series. In other words, Microsoft may offer a ZEN 2-based AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir mobility CPU within the Surface Laptop 4.

Apart from the Surface Pro 8 with LTE, Microsoft might start rolling out the Surface Duo foldable smartphone in select markets. However, the expanded launch of the new form-factor device could depend on the release and performance of the tablet and laptop.

New Microsoft Product Releases Expected In Early 2021:

Essentially, Microsoft’s early 2021 hardware lineup should comprise of Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop 4, and the Surface Duo rolling out to more markets. Although strictly a rumor, it is likely Microsoft might just offer a new black option for the Surface Go 2 too.

Microsoft usually refreshes its Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lineup in October. The last significant feature and product update was Surface Laptop 3, which happened last year. Microsoft also released the updated Surface Pro 7 back then. This year, however, has seen far fewer releases, but Microsoft did manage to roll out a new Surface Laptop Go model, alongside an updated Surface Pro X.


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