Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 Plagued With Another Annoying Problem, Fix Still In The Pipeline

Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 owners have been widely reporting about the pen pressure problems with their Surface Pen. The worst thing about this issue is that Microsoft has not provided a viable solution to address this problem even after 4 months.

Furious users have documented this frustrating problem with their expensive Surface Pro products on Reddit and Microsoft’s community forum. We came across several threads on the official Windows 10 forums [1, 2, 3] posted by users who observed the behavior.

Surface Pro 7 Pressure Detection Mechanism To Be Blamed

The reports suggest that you will notice an inaccurate pen detection when the palm rests on the screen of your Surface device. It is because of the fact that the Surface Pen’s accuracy issue forces the stylus to detect only around 5-20 pressure levels.

Someone explained in Microsoft’s Answers thread, “Pen works fine when only the pen is making contact with the screen. However, when my palm is resting on the screen, the pressure detection of the pen becomes extremely inaccurate. As soon as skin (palm, fingers, etc) makes contact with the screen, the pressure curve of the pen becomes a staircase, as if the pen could only detect 5-20 levels of pressure, instead of 4096 like it’s supposed to.”

It is worth noting that the pen’s accuracy problem still exists for some people who got their Surface Pro 7 devices replaced by Microsoft. Another user provided an in-depth review of the Surface Pro 7 problems in this video:

It seems like the problem is specifically related to Surface firmware bug and you should install the latest firmware update to resolve it. Some people believe that Microsoft might take months to fix this bug just like the battery discharge issue.

Have you come across the Surface Pen pressure issue on your device? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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