Microsoft’s Project xCloud Lets You Stream Xbox Games on Any Device

Probably In Response To Google's New Game Streaming Service Reveal

Owners of the Xbox franchise Microsoft have unveiled their latest project. Titled Project xCloud, this new streaming service allows the streaming of Xbox games to devices such as smartphones.

Project xCloud

Similar to other streaming services such as GeForce Now, Project xCloud uses Microsoft’s cloud game streaming network to unlock console quality gaming on “any” device. The idea behind the service is very noble: Allowing any gamer, regardless of their platform, to play and enjoy any game, even exclusive titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

With over 140 supported countries, Microsoft says that it will upgrade its Azure servers with dedicated hardware built especially for Project xCloud. The first data center for the streaming service was readied today in Quincy, Washington. Designed especially for the game-streaming, Microsoft has introduced the Project xCloud Blade.

The Blade platform is capable of hosting multiple Xbox systems thanks to its increased bandwidth and network capabilities. Project xCloud is currently being tested on smartphones and tablet devices and can be played using touch controls or Xbox controllers connected via Bluetooth. With 4G support available now, Microsoft states that xCloud will feature full 5G support once it launches. Once Microsoft deems the service ready, it will be deployed globally.

Although this service will prove useful to everyone, those who do not have access to Xbox consoles can especially play Xbox exclusive titles without having to purchase the console. Additionally, gamers can utilize xCloud as an alternate way of playing games. The service is currently in its early stages, and it will be a while before it launches for all to use. It will be interesting to see how Project xCloud compares with other similar streaming services such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Now or Sony’s PlayStation Now.

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Microsoft’s Project xCloud Lets You Stream Xbox Games on Any Device

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