Microsoft’s PowerShell Core is Now Available as a Snap Package on Linux Distros

Microsoft today made the life of technical users and system administrations easier by announcing the delivery of PowerShell Core app as a snap package for Linux.

The PowerShell Team blog revealed, “The goal of PowerShell Core is to be the ubiquitous language for managing your assets in the hybrid cloud. That’s why we’ve worked to make it available on many operating systems, architectures, and flavors of Linux, macOS, and Windows as possible. Today, we’re happy to announce an addition to our support matrix: PowerShell Core is now available as a Snap package.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, Snaps refers to a software package that works across desktop, cloud and IoT devices. It operates on Linux now making it easier for automatic updates to happen and also offers enhanced security with flexibility for program developers. PowerShell program manager Joey Aiello explained, “Snaps are great because they provide a single package format that works across many Linux distributions, much like how PowerShell acts as a single automation platform across operating systems. We hope our users enjoy the simplified installation and update experience of Snaps as much as we do.”

According to PowerShell blog, snap packages have a definite advantage for Linux over its other traditional software packages such as DEB or RPM as they come with their own dependencies, therefore specific versions of shared libraries need not be worried about. Moreover, root access to the publisher is also not required for their installation, hence they get updated automatically. They also do not interact with other system files and applications without the user’s permission so they are safer to run as compared to other conventional software packages.

PowerShell core Snap Package can be installed on Ubuntu by going here and pressing the green Install button. The preview version of the beta software is also available to be tried out from here which can be installed along with the stable release.

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Microsoft’s PowerShell Core is Now Available as a Snap Package on Linux Distros

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