Microsoft’s Plans To Integrate Kaizala Into All eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Products Begins With ‘Teams’ Platform

Microsoft Kaizala Mobile Chat application’s ‘Pro’ features will start to trickle into Microsoft Teams. The inclusion of some of the Pro features of the rich, internet-based mobile chat and communication platform has already begun, but users of Microsoft Teams would get to experience the same over the course of the next 12 to 18 months. Although the timeline seems rather long, Microsoft has ensured that Kaizala app will continue to function as a standalone service. Moreover, Microsoft will continue to back the platform with routine development and also offer timely updates. It is only logical to expect some of the new features and the updates would be extended and integrated into Microsoft’s other platforms as well.

Microsoft offered some clarity about its intended plan of including Kaizala Pro capabilities to Teams. The communication and collaboration platform works with Android and iOS devices to provide messaging and video communications. Interestingly, Microsoft Kaizala relies on a simple phone number for authentication. Needless to add, this method is quite similar to WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used mobile-based instant communication platform. WhatsApp too uses a simple phone number user-identity verification technique to instantly register and authenticate the user. However, the Kaizala platform is much more robust and geared towards the corporates and organizations.

Which Kaizala ‘Pro’ Features Are Being Integrated Into Microsoft teams, Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Products?

There are two sub-platforms of the Kaizala mobile chat. There’s a free version and the Kaizala Pro version. The Pro version of Kaizala includes powerful features like group management, the ability to wipe group data from devices, advanced reporting, API access and more.

Incidentally, Microsoft has set a timeline for the integration of particular features into Microsoft Teams. Subscribers will initially get access to ‘Kaizala Actions’ as built-in apps in Teams, such as checklist, training, and quiz. Integration of these features is planned to take place within this year itself. Meanwhile, integration of “custom apps, flexible group types, and open directory capabilities for identity and authentication, which enables communications with anyone on Teams, whether or not they are managed in your Azure Active Directory,” should happen over the course of next year.

Back in April this year, Microsoft had announced plans to bring Kaizala to “all eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 commercial customers worldwide”. The company also noted that it is prioritizing its Microsoft Teams platform for the inclusion process. Microsoft mentioned that Kaizala’s capabilities were getting integrated into Teams, its “collaboration workspace” app, over the “next 12-18 months.” Back then, the company hadn’t mentioned which features would make their journey into Microsoft Teams, but earlier this week, Microsoft explained that it will be Kaizala Pro’s capabilities that will get added to Teams.

It is interesting to note that the integration of Kaizala Pro’s features will be “ultimately replacing the Microsoft Kaizala service and making Microsoft Teams the primary client in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 for communication with both internal employees and people in your extended networks.” In other words, Kaizala Pro could slowly but surely be assimilated within the other platforms. While this would eventually mean the end of the Kaizala Pro platform, the free version would continue to exist, mentioned Microsoft. The company categorically noted that the free Kaizala app “will continue as a standalone service, which we will continue to support and update.”

Some Office 365 subscribers should start seeing Kaizala Pro capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Specifically, organizations subscribing to Office 365 F1, E1, E3, and E5 plans, or their Academic equivalents, will be getting the Kaizala Pro integration in Teams. Several subscribers to Office 365 Business E3 and E5 plans, plus Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium subscribers will get to experience the powerful collaboration and communication tools as well.

By the time 2020 comes to an end, Kaizala Pro should be deeply integrated within Microsoft Teams. In other words, the Kaizala Pro integration will make Microsoft Teams “the primary client” for both internal and external communications, mentioned Microsoft. Surprisingly, the integration would proceed and won’t be hindered even if users are managed by Azure Active Directory.

What is Microsoft Kaizala Mobile Chat App Platform?

Microsoft Kaizala is essentially a powerful and secure mobile chat app for professional work. It is a phone-number based, simple, and secure mobile chat app that enables users to connect and coordinate work across their network. It allows users to quickly and securely share text, documents, photos, and videos in a few taps. Kaizala users can easily customize group types to meet their unique communication needs.

Some of the notable features and abilities of the Kaizala app includes the creation of polls, surveys, jobs, training sessions and more. The platform has continually developed mini-apps or modules that extend or improve functionality.

Users also get powerful functionality owing to deeply integrated analytics and reporting or customizations. The Microsoft Kaizala platform allows smart digitization of common business practices. Microsoft offers open APIs that admins can integrate within the platform. These modules or APIs can automate several workflows.

The most powerful and business-focused aspect of Microsoft Kaizala is its seamless integration within most of Microsoft’s business productivity suites like Microsoft 365, Office 365. The platform works well with software like SharePoint, Flow, Excel, Power BI. Needless to add, the ability to quickly integrate business workflow, collaborate with colleagues, and ensure the data shared remains highly secured, is a boon for any industry. Speaking of security, privacy and confidentiality, the Kaizala Management Portal allow admins to manage users and groups, assign group policies, enforce Azure Active Directory sign-in and execute several more data management, authentication and security protocols.

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Microsoft’s Plans To Integrate Kaizala Into All eligible Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Products Begins With ‘Teams’ Platform

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