Microsoft’s OneNote ‘Online Video’ Button now makes it easier to Embed Videos in pages

Microsoft today has released a collection of new features for its OneNote app. The app’s product manager William Devereux announced the new updates for Windows 10 (version 16.0.10325.20049).

Updates for Windows Regular Users

The latest updates have arrived both for the Insiders and non-Insiders. For Insiders the following are the updated features:

  • A ‘New Page’ tile can now be pinned to the start menu for quicker access.
  • One Note’s Live Tile has a latest transparent version which can be pinned through Options menu
  • An ‘Online Video’ button allows convenience in embedding videos in pages
  • Pasting option has now been made available for choosing text formatting behavior such as keeping source formatting, merge formatting or simply keeping the text)

Updates for Insiders

Windows Insiders have also receive different improvements today in the OneNote app. The announced changelog includes the following:

  • A new option lets the user choose whether or not they wish to include source link while pasting.
  • Options for cutting, copying and pasting have been included to the Office ribbon for easier access
  • Clear formatting will now clear any custom paragraph spacing from the place where the text has been copied from
  • Borders of the table can now be hidden and cells range can be selected quickly. Also, it can be chosen whether or not header row during sorting is to be included
  • Addition of a new symbol gallery
  • Two new eraser sizes included
  • Microsoft Translator can now be accessed is available now right inside OneNote app in the View tab

It had been quite some time since updates were introduced to OneNote and fans are happy about these latest improvements. The latest version of OneNote can be downloaded from here.

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Microsoft’s OneNote ‘Online Video’ Button now makes it easier to Embed Videos in pages

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