Microsoft’s Latest Labeling Capabilities Will Help Users In Protecting Sensitive Information

Microsoft Office has been getting a lot of improvements lately. Just a few weeks back, Microsoft announced a new app to improve the accessibility of its Office apps. Similarly, we got the Ink to math feature in Powerpoint just a couple of days ago. Today, Microsoft announced another feature for its Office apps on Mac, iOS, and Android. That is the addition of a sensitivity label across a number of Office apps.

As Microsoft writes in its blog, ” With these new capabilities, users can easily apply sensitivity labels to documents and emails – based on the labels defined by your organization. The experience is built directly into Office apps, with no need for any special plugins or add-ons. It looks and feels like the familiar Office experience, which makes it easy for workers to use. ”

This feature will be pretty handy for the corporate sector. For instance, if a company is working on a file which contains sensitive personal information of employees, they can use this feature. There are a number of labels from which the users can choose from. The labels are, public, general, confidential and highly confidential. Microsoft also assures that “No matter which device or platform they are working on, there is a consistent experience.”

There are a few additional features associated with the sensitivity labels as well. First, we have the label downgrade justification. In other words, admin can specify users to justify the reason for downgrading the label. Second, we have the label persistence. That is, once a label is specified to a document, it will retain it even if it travels to other devices, apps or cloud services. Other apps and services will also be able to recognize the sensitivity labels, as per Microsoft. Currently, only a few apps support the sensitivity labels. Microsoft will be expanding the sensitivity labels to other apps in the near future. The current set of apps which support it are as follows -:

  • Mac: Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook
  • iOS: Word, PowerPoint & Excel (Outlook coming soon)
  • Android: Word, PowerPoint & Excel (Outlook coming soon)
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