Microsoft’s Game Bar Updated To Include New Features Including a New Gallery Layout

The Game Bar is an additional feature that Microsoft included in Windows 10. The Bar allows you to perform various tasks like taking screenshots, recording and streaming games, and it also features a Game Mode which can be activated from the Game Bar. All these features are supposed to give you a better, faster and overall smooth gaming experience.

However, the actual gaming experience with the Game Bar isn’t really ‘smooth’. The feature is filled with a lot of bugs which Microsoft has not addressed yet. People have reported the Game Bar having recording issues, launch issues, and much more. Game Bar has been long neglected by Microsoft, but recently Microsoft has started to make efforts to make the Game Bar somewhat decent. The Microsoft team stated that they want to “re-evaluate the best possible approach going forward and work on giving you a great gaming experience on your PC.”  We can speculate from this that Microsoft might be bringing changes to the Game Bar to make it actually do what it was supposed to in the first place.

Game Bar Update

The Game Bar has received a long-awaited new update. The new v2.24.5004.0 update contains some new features for the Game Bar. Two prominent features are the inclusion of a gallery option which lets users view and share all captures in real-time, and the other being the addition of the option to show or hide animations of the game bar. This option will prevent that annoying animation from disturbing your precious gaming experience ever again, making it a crucial feature in the step towards making the Game Bar useful.

The update is available right now to all users who are a part of the Production branch (version 1809 and earlier). You can download the new update from here.

You can read more about the Game Bar and how to use the feature here.

Murtaza Islam
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