Microsoft’s Azure And Dynamics 365 To Offer AI-Driven Cloud Storage And Data Analytics To FedEx Logistics For Improving Last-Mile Delivery

Microsoft has partnered with FedEx. Together, the companies are planning to boost the capabilities of the latter’s logistics, tracking, and last-mile delivery. Microsoft’s AI-driver Azure Cloud Services, as well as Dynamics 365 collaboration and productivity platforms, are expected to improve commerce tracking for companies that rely on the logistics network of FedEx.

With a publicized intention of “transforming commerce” Microsoft and FedEx have agreed to collaborate. The duo is launching cloud-based inventory and supply chain management solutions. It is clear that Microsoft, with the partnership, gets a new cloud customer. Meanwhile, FedEx is attempting to enter the world of e-commerce and compete with Amazon while further improving its services.

FedEx And Microsoft To ‘Transform e-Commerce’ With ‘FedEx Surround’ and Other Software Solutions:

Microsoft and FedEx have announced a multiyear partnership. The companies have agreed to collaborate in the digital or virtual commerce sector. In a joint announcement post, FedEx and Microsoft stated that the collaboration will “help transform commerce,” adding that the companies “aim to create opportunities for their customers through multiple joint offerings powered by Azure and Dynamics 365 that will use data and analytics solutions to reinvent the most critical aspects of the commerce experience and enable businesses to better compete in today’s increasingly digital landscape.”

Together, the companies should help FedEx become even more efficient and productive while handling one of the world’s largest and busiest supply-chain logistics chains. According to the press release, the partnership will help FedEx and its partners to “enhance visibility into its supply chain by leveraging data to provide near-real-time analytics into shipment tracking, which will drive more precise logistics and inventory management.”

Interestingly, Microsoft and FedEx already have their first product ready. It is called ‘FedEx Surround’. FedEx is confident the product will give shippers better data on where a package is as it makes its way from producer to consumer. Additionally, FedEx Surround will reportedly enable businesses to react more effectively to supply chain difficulties. The platform can reportedly provide near-real-time insights down to areas as specific as ZIP codes.

FedEx Surround incorporates data from the transportation company’s extensive logistical network with Microsoft’s Azure cloud and data analytics solutions. Needless to add, such integration would significantly improve the access to data that’s updated in real-time. Moreover, FedEx would also gain some interesting insights that should go a long way in improving the services while keeping overhead costs down. Although neither of the companies has revealed, the platform could also offer new ways FedEx could optimize deliveries and bring down the time taken from pick-up to drop-off.

FedEx Joins Hands With Microsoft After Breaking Up With Amazon?

Amazon and FedEx were big partners but the collaboration broke down last year. Needless to add, Amazon has been aggressively developing its own logistics and supply-chain that aims to replace or rival FedEx. Incidentally, Amazon limited the ability of third-party merchants to ship with FedEx, in a clear attempt to push more business toward its internal service.

Now FedEx has joined hands with Microsoft. The latter doesn’t have any noticeable stake in e-Commerce, but the company has been trying to win customers for its cloud-based services. FedEx is certainly a large client which also opens up a new avenue for Microsoft.


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