Microsoft’s ARM 64 Windows 10 Now on Your Raspberry Pi

WoA installer lets you install Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi

Microsoft has been making efforts to run Windows 10 on every computing device. As a part of those efforts, it is now possible to install the full version of Windows 10 for ARM devices on Raspberry Pi. This new advancement has been possible with the help of WoA Installer for Raspberry Pi. The installer allows you to run the complete version of Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi.

The developer of the WoA Installer, Jose Manuel says that the tool has been designed to keep everything simple. On the Github page, Manuel said that there is no need to worry about drivers or UEFI or other advanced options. All these things will be done by WoA installer and you will get the complete Windows 10 to run on your Raspberry Pi.

Requirements to Run Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi

Following are the requirements that need to be completed in order to install Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B
  • MicroSD card
  • Windows 10 ARM64 image

You need to download the WoA installer and then download the Core Package. Once both the things are downloaded then run the WoA installer. After that, import the Core Package by going to the advanced section. Once the import process is completed you can start to run Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi without any problem.

Raspberry Pi provides a complete computing experience with functions similar to that of a desktop computer. But due to the smaller size, it was running Windows 10 IoT Core that is made for smaller devices. But now it is fairly simple to run Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi after the release of WoA Installer.

Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950/XL

Recently Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950 phones was launched through which you can replace your Windows 10 mobile with the desktop operating system. It’s not as fast as compared to the mobile version but it gives users some additional features to play with.

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Microsoft’s ARM 64 Windows 10 Now on Your Raspberry Pi

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