Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming xCloud On iOS iPhones, iPad Possible As Service To Adopt Web-Browser Approach?

Microsoft might have managed to bypass Apple Inc.’s strict App Store policies and ensure the Xbox Cloud Gaming service xCloud becomes available on iPhones and iPads when it launches. Instead of battling Apple’s strict policies for the App Store, Microsoft appears to be developing a complete web-based platform that could be accessed on any web browser.

Microsoft may have found an approach that bypasses Apple Inc.’s policies which essentially blocks Xbox Cloud Gaming On iOS iPhones and iPad. The company will reportedly develop a web-based solution that will be accessible on any web browser installed on an iOS device. Opting for a web-based solution to cloud gaming on iOS instead of relying on an app could allow Microsoft to even bypass Apple’s commission.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Via A Web Browser For iOS Devices To Launch Next Year?

Microsoft may have found a way around Apple’s rules to ensure Apple iPhones and iPad owners have access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. The Windows 10 OS maker could be trying to bypass the App Store completely. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has reportedly informed employees that they’re going to shift to a web-based solution to cloud gaming on iOS. Currently, the company is working on an app for the Android OS ecosystem.

Providing Xbox Cloud Gaming through a web browser may seem rather odd, but it is the app approach that is the odd one in the case of iOS. Providing a reliable remotely hosted game streaming service through a web browser is entirely possible. In fact, Google’s game streaming service Stadia is optimized for access through a web browser. Similarly, Amazon’s recently announced Luna game streaming service will also be available via web browsers on iOS devices.

Would Apple Allow A Web-Based Remotely Hosted Game Streaming Service To Run On iOS?

Bypassing Apple’s policies and the iOS ecosystem entirely to put games on iPhones and iPads, and that too without going through the App Store will certainly put Apple Inc. at a rather big disadvantage. The company is currently engaged in a legal battle with Epic Games over the recent removal of the popular video game Fortnite from the platform. While the specifics of the case might differ, the core issue of Apple’s strict policies remains the primary concern.

Interestingly, if Epic Games chooses to simply offer Fortnite via a cloud streaming service such as Xbox cloud gaming, Stadia, or Luna, or even host an independent streaming service accessible through a browser, then Apple may not have much to fight. Additionally, bypassing App Store would mean Apple would lose the 30 percent commission.

Spencer also reportedly indicated that Xbox cloud gaming would arrive on Windows 10 next year. Incidentally, the app for the game streaming service is already in the beta testing phase. Apart from Android, Windows 10, and quite possibly on iOS, the Xbox gaming streaming will also be launching on Xbox consoles. However, there’s no confirmed launch date yet.


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