Microsoft Giving Xbox Beta App Features Access To All Windows 10 PC Gamers Via Xbox Insider Hub, Here’s How To Join

Windows 10 OS users, and specifically gamers, now have the opportunity to test new and experimental features of the Xbox App. The Windows Gaming platform’s Xbox Beta App is now open to all Windows 10 PC gamers. The platform offers early access to the new features of the Xbox App before the general public rollout. Microsoft generally uses the Windows Insider program to preview new app updates for Windows 10 inbox apps like Mail or OneNote. But, the company uses its Xbox Insider Hub app to offer PC users to test new Windows gaming features, including preview versions of the Xbox Game Bar. It appears the two have merged pathways.

Microsoft is offering PC gamers the opportunity to test new features coming to its Xbox beta app for Windows 10 OS. Gamers who prefer computers running Windows 10 are being granted the opportunity to sign up for the Xbox Game launcher. It is apparent that Microsoft is eagerly trying to bridge the gap between its two gaming platforms: Xbox dedicated gaming console and Windows 10 PCs.

Xbox Beta App Now Part Of The Windows Gaming Test Flight Allows PC Gamers To Test New Features:

The Xbox Beta app for Windows 10 has joined the Windows Gaming Flight in the Xbox Insider Hub. This essentially means all Windows 10 users can now sign up to receive preview versions of the game launcher. Microsoft had recently teased about granting, “access to a preview version full of additional improvements,” including better performance and decreased memory usage.

Microsoft Gaming Test Flight is basically the gaming-specific iteration of the Windows Insider program. It means the platform grants testers early access to experimental new features and apps, including things that are coming to the Xbox PC App (Preview). In its current iteration, the Xbox Beta App allows users to check and download new games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog as well as chat with friends on Xbox, PC, and mobile.

The new Windows Gaming Flight program which now includes the Xbox Beta App will focus on finetuning the app’s experience. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is clearly trying to reduce Windows Gaming memory usage as well as the size that the installer itself takes up.

The official blog post announcing the new features and entry model seems to describe the new React Native version of the Xbox beta app. Incidentally, Microsoft used to include the same within Windows 10 Preview Builds the company released to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. The new version is reportedly much faster, slimmer, and more efficient than the earlier Electron version.

Why and How Can Windows 10 OS Users Sign Up For The Microsoft Gaming Test Flight Program Which Now Includes The Xbox Beta App Access:

The Windows Gaming Flight program extends benefits beyond the Xbox PC App. One of the most eagerly awaited features was the Game Bar, which is now available for testers. The platform will also allow gamers to try out the new Widgets overlay before everyone else.

Any Windows 10 OS user can essentially gain access to the preview versions of the Xbox beta app. Windows 10 users need to install the Xbox Insider Hub, then go to Insider Content and sign up for the Windows Gaming Flight. The Xbox Beta app should then appear in the “Apps” section, in addition to the new Xbox Game Bar.

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