Microsoft Windows Terminal Latest Version Gets Multi-Pane, Theme Support And Other UI Improvements

Windows Terminal, Microsoft’s increasingly all-in-one app that neatly collates all Command-Line Interfaces available for Windows Operating System, has received several UI improvements. The latest version of Microsoft Windows Terminal available download is 0.7, and it is still in the ‘Preview’ stage. Judging from the changes, it appears the company is keen to revive the traditional or legacy method of operation, and also suggest Windows OS as a viable platform for coding.

Microsoft has released the latest preview build of Windows Terminal. The app incorporates all of the command line-based interfaces available for Windows. The previous versions of the platform were quite bare and rudimentary, but Microsoft appears to have infused several design elements that Windows OS already has.

The changes and UI improvements appear to make the command-line interface tool a standard app within Windows 10. The latest update brings the Windows Terminal app up to version 0.7, which suggests Microsoft still has a long way to go before the platform is ready for its first stable release.

Latest Microsoft Windows Terminal App v0.7 Gets Multi-Pane, Multitasking Tab Support, And Other UI Improvements:

The most significant and noticeable change within the latest Microsoft Windows Terminal app v0.7 is the introduction of panes. Simply put, the powerful command-line interface tool in Windows 10 just received the ability to multitask.

The app allows users to have multiple command prompt windows open side by side and work on them simultaneously. The multi-pane support is still clearly under development because right now, it’s only possible to open the default profile in secondary panes. However, future versions of the Windows Terminal app would allow users to choose the profile for each pane.

Besides adding multi-pane support, the Windows Terminal app also grants the ability to reorder tabs. From a privacy or efficiency perspective, the new panes can also have their default application title suppressed. Users can easily set a custom tab title.

Needless to add, enabling this setting will make it so that users only see that as the descriptor for the tab. Meanwhile, from the cosmetic perspective, the Windows Terminal has received some of the biggest improvements. The border around the Windows Terminal app window is now quite thinner. Moreover, the app now follows the theme color set by Windows 10. Previous versions of the Terminal app only offered a plain black background.

In addition to the aforementioned improvements within Windows Terminal app v0.7, Microsoft has also tweaked Cascadia Code, the new font reportedly optimized for coding.

The improved version of the font now ships in a couple of new variants, including one for powerline, called Cascadia Code PL, and one version that doesn’t have font ligatures, called Cascadia Mono. Additionally, the font now supports Greek, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese, making it even more versatile, and useful in other languages. The new release of the Cascadia Code is available on its dedicated GitHub page.

Latest Microsoft Windows Terminal App v0.7 Contains Quite A Few Bug Fixes And Stability Improvements:

Besides the cosmetic and functional improvements within Windows Terminal App v0.7, Microsoft has also incorporated several bug-fixes and stability enhancements. It is amply clear that Microsoft has been keenly listening to the issues of users who have been downloading the trying out the previous ‘Preview’ versions of Windows Terminal.

While there appear to be several, some of the most prominent and noticeable bug fixes within Windows Terminal App v0.7 are as follows:

  • Line endings when pasting behave properly!
  • Alt+Arrow-Keys no longer print extra characters!
  • When scrolled up, pasting now scrolls down to the prompt when using “snapOnInput”!
  • Quickly opening and closing tabs will crash less!

Incidentally, the Windows Terminal App is available on the Microsoft Store. However, the company doesn’t seem to have released the latest Preview version update on the Windows 10 app store. Users who are interested in checking out the same, can head over to the Windows Terminal GitHub page to download.

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Microsoft Windows Terminal Latest Version Gets Multi-Pane, Theme Support And Other UI Improvements

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