Microsoft Windows 10X Final Stable Release Arriving This Year But Without x86 or x64 Support?

Microsoft Windows 10X is reportedly arriving this year itself. The tweaked, slimmed down, and optimized version of Windows 10 should appear on low-power laptops and other single-screened portable devices. Microsoft could be targeting this year’s holiday season and positioning Windows 10X powered devices against Chromebooks or laptops that run on Chrome OS.

Windows 10X, an operating system originally designed for dual-screened portable computing and communications devices, is now expected to arrive on single-screen computers. The lightweight or stripped version of Windows 10 could power cheap single-screened laptop-like devices for front-line workers, quite possibly competing with ChromeOS devices.

Microsoft Windows 10X To Power Laptops But Will Not Have Native 32-Bit or 64-Bit App Support?

Microsoft had big plans for Windows 10X, a modular version of Windows 10 aimed at dual-screen, foldable, and new form factors. In fact, Microsoft also showed off Windows 10X running on the Surface Neo. However, the next-gen dual-screen devices have been delayed until at least 2022. Microsoft has now clearly shifted focus on single-screen devices.

Microsoft has indicated that Windows 10X OS will come to single-screened devices first. It is now expected that consumers could see Windows 10X running on low-cost PCs. The first commercially ready devices to run Windows 10X could be low-powered laptops like Chromebook, and these devices could be marketed to the education segment and front-line workers who need purpose-built machines with select functions.

Windows 10X for the single-screen device is reportedly on track to hit the RTM (Release To Manufacturer) status in December 2020. RTM is an industry term that is used when a product is ready to be shipped for installation on a new system. This means Windows 10X will be considered ‘finalized’, ‘feature complete’, or ready for manufacturers by December 2020. Simply put, Microsoft is confident Windows 10X will be certified as RTM before 2020 ends, and the OS should be factory-installed on new laptops in the subsequent months.

Windows 10X Will Only Run PWA Or UWP Apps In RTM Version?

Even though Windows 10X will be termed as RTM, it will not have support for Win32 apps in the VAIL containers. In other words, users will not be able to install or run standard or traditional applications that work on Windows operating system.

Instead, Windows 10X will only run PWA and UWP apps. Microsoft will reportedly “pre-install” PWA versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Skype, and so on. Since several companies and IT enterprises rely heavily on remote desktop virtualization, their employees could run virtual Win32 apps.

As per the latest reports, Microsoft is expected to launch devices with Windows 10X OS in Spring 2021 and will spend the time between December and then with bug fixes and other servicing of the OS. Although it is expected, it is uncertain if Microsoft will conduct a public beta test of the OS similar to the Windows 10 Insider Program.

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Microsoft Windows 10X Final Stable Release Arriving This Year But Without x86 or x64 Support?

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