Microsoft Windows 10 Upcoming Feature Update Release Date Schedule To Undergo Core Changes After 20H1?

Microsoft has been quite straightforward and receptive about the feature updates that Windows 10 Operating System routinely receives. The company, however, is looking to alter the way these updates are scheduled and deployed. The major change to the way Microsoft sends out Feature Updates to Windows 10 OS is expected to take place after Windows 10 20H1 is rolled out.

Microsoft appears to be revising the way it sends out Windows 10 feature updates. More specifically, the company is reportedly working on a more straightforward approach it rolls out the updates in a staggered manner to the general public. Traditionally, the process of mass rollout begins with the participants of Windows Insider Fast Ring, before widening to the Slow Ring, and eventually to all the users of the OS. As part of the new approach, Microsoft is making significant changes to the Fast Ring of Windows Insider program.

Upcoming Windows 10 OS Feature Updates may Not Have Exact Release Date And Schedule?

Soon, Windows Insider Fast Ring participants will get new builds from the RS_PRERELEASE channel. However, the changes included in this channel won’t have a release date. Simply put, Microsoft will actively share the latest ideas and experimental new features with the participants of the Fast Ring, but some features may not be part of the next public feature update.

It appears the Windows Insider Slow Ring participants will have the most definitive Windows 10 OS Feature Update catalog. In other words, the Slow Ring will only include the features that will be part of the next public feature update. This means the Windows 10 Feature Update package sent out the Slow Ring participants could be taken as final, and the same would gradually be sent out to the general users of the operating system.

It is clear that Microsoft intends to have a much open and active discussion about the future of Windows 10 OS without promising a particular release timeframe for the upcoming feature updates. This could allow the company to experiment with a lot more ease and convenience, without being tied down with time-bound commitment about delivery. Interestingly, Google follows a similar pattern with major Android version releases. In the past, quite a few features that Google has revealed or shared, haven’t been included in the final or stable release of the Android versions.

Windows 1020H1 To Be The Final Sequentially Committed Major Feature Update Package?

Windows 10 20H1 is the next major feature update for the Windows 10 OS, and it was reportedly finalized in December 2019. The update is currently scheduled to land in the spring. Rumors indicate Microsoft is already deep in testing Windows 10 20H2 which should arrive in the second half of 2020.

The Windows 10 20H1 may have already been finalized for deployment. Moreover, it will include most, if not all, features that Microsoft revealed. However, in the coming weeks or months, Microsoft is expected to begin testing new features and ideas that may not land on PCs in 2020.

Incidentally, this decision could have far-reaching influence and impact on the Windows 10X OS. The customized and optimized variant of Windows 10 is meant for Surface Neo and other dual-screen PCs. It could be finalized by mid-2020.

Interestingly, the Windows 10X  development timeline appears to match with that of Windows 10 20H2. Moreover, the changes included in Windows 10 20H2 would be part of Windows 10X. But with the altered development and deployment strategy, Microsoft may not include them in the desktop release.

Microsoft recently implied that Windows 10X could power traditional laptops alongside dual-screen devices. However, the company is limiting the same to the latter in the initial stages of development. Microsoft is expected to shed more light on the new variant of Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Build developer conference.

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