Microsoft Windows 10 To Get Updates After Going Through AI And ML Algorithms To Ensure They Work Reliably?

Windows 10 OS has been one of the most troubled with updates. After attempting several methods to ensure the security, feature, and Cumulative Updates delivered to Windows 10 work reliably, Microsoft may have found another technique. New feature updates meant for Windows 10 might go through enhanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure they do not have a negative impact on PCs running smoothly.

Microsoft has been trying to address troublesome and problematic updates for Windows 10. The Windows 10 Updates process has been giving users of the operating systems much trouble over the years. It is quite likely that Microsoft may have several buggy feature updates in the future. However, the company is reportedly considering a new AI/ML strategy that could reduce disruption.

Microsoft Windows 10 Updates To Be Verified By AI/ML Algorithms For Better Reliability?

Microsoft has been constantly changing the testing methodology for updates delivered to Windows 10 PCs. The company used to rely on a large group of testers to test Windows 10 feature updates on real hardware. In fact, the company still sends out the latest and experimental updates to participants of the Windows Insider Program. After the new features and programs go through the program, Microsoft releases them to the general public.

However, moving ahead, Microsoft would rely on AI/ML models to test popular drivers on more hardware, software, and driver combinations. This should significantly reduce Windows 10 update problems caused by new or existing drivers. Apart from boosting reliability, Machine Learning could also allow Microsoft to identify problems with drivers well before the company rolls out feature updates. The company apparently plans to add more hardware combinations to the machine learning and artificial intelligence-based test metric to enhance its capabilities.

Microsoft Already Using AI/ML Testing Model To Test Quality Of Drivers:

Incidentally, Machine Learning is already a part of the testing and evaluation process. Microsoft presently uses the system to determine the release quality. However, it seems Microsoft wants to add a lot more hardware/driver/software combinations to new driver test benches.

It is important to note that Microsoft Windows 10 is now the most widely used operating system in the consumer segment. This means there are thousands of different combinations of hardware and software that the OS has to work with. Hence, the AI/ML model can realistically spot only a small fraction of potential problems. Nonetheless, Microsoft can still use the results obtained from the testing to become aware of potential problems with Windows 10 drivers before shipping the features updates.

Alap Naik Desai
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