Microsoft Windows 10 To Get New Features For Bluetooth 5.2 That Boost Performance, Quality, Range And Security

Microsoft is attempting to add newer standards that benefit from the latest Bluetooth 5.2 within Windows 10 operating system. The new features, when implemented correctly, should not only boost performance but also improve range and reduce power consumption. Interestingly, given Microsoft’s insistence on higher standards of security and encryption, the new Bluetooth features and standard also use a secure, encrypted connection to communicate with supporting hardware.

The latest experimental build of Windows 10, available to the Preview audience as part of the Windows 10 Insider program, have references to the new and latest Bluetooth standard 5.2. Although none of the features can be activated through software tricks, it is amply clear that Microsoft could enhance the Bluetooth range, performance, throughput, reliability, and security of the wireless connection and communication over relatively short distances.

Latest Windows 10 Insider Build Contains References To Bluetooth 5.2 Supported Feature Called EATT:

The next major feature update for Windows 10 OS, due to be released this spring, is expected to contain a few improvements. However, Microsoft might just throw in a surprise and release the Windows 10 20H1 update or Windows 10 Version 2004 with the integration of the Bluetooth EATT. The Bluetooth Enhanced Attribute Protocol is a significant step above the prevalent Attribute Protocol (ATT).

Apparently, the latest preview version contains references to Bluetooth EATT (from version 19541). Interestingly, references to “BluetoothEattPdus” and “BluetoothGattRobustCaching” were discovered in Windows 10 builds. However, despite a few attempts, the new features could not be activated.

Microsoft has been significantly improving the ability of a Windows 10 PC to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices. The company has built several new Bluetooth supported functionalities into the preview versions of Windows 10. However, not all of these features have yet ended up in the stable version of Windows 10 OS released to the general public. Hence, the evidence of newer functions supporting the Bluetooth 5.2 too could take some time. Incidentally, Microsoft has strongly indicated that not all the features that its tests will end up in final releases of Windows 10.

The Bluetooth Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT) is an improved version of the Attribute Protocol (ATT). However, it also contains improvements for the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). Within the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, the GATT is allowed substantially more caching. This allows connections to be made quicker. In addition to the enhanced speed and reliability, connections established with Bluetooth 5.2 compatible hardware also consume lesser power than older Bluetooth standards.

If that’s not enough, if Microsoft does refine and deploy the latest Bluetooth 5.2 features, they can significantly reduce end-to-end latency and higher connection quality for audio devices. This means higher bitrate audio can be delivered without stutter or lag. Interestingly, the Bluetooth 5.2 standard is quite big on security as well. The standard promotes the usage of encrypted connections.

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Microsoft Windows 10 To Get New Features For Bluetooth 5.2 That Boost Performance, Quality, Range And Security

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