Microsoft Windows 10 To Become Central To Co.’s Business Strategies After Spending Years In Pushing Cloud Apps And Services?

After spending considerable time sliding into the background, Microsoft Windows 10 OS might once again become central to the company’s growth strategy. The operating system was clearly being relegated to become just another product or service, but recent developments strongly indicate Microsoft is trying to put its Windows operating system in the center of its own interest.

For quite a few quarters, Microsoft worked hard to focus on improving cloud services and remotely hosted apps. In fact, the company’s Azure cloud service was clearly on its way to become the epicenter. However, Microsoft’s spokesperson has strongly hinted the company is attempting to realign its business strategy in which Windows 10, and most likely Windows 10X too, will be at the core of development, marketing, sales and service activities of the company.

Microsoft Re-Focusing On Windows 10 And Making It Central To It Development With ‘Reinvestments’?

Microsoft reportedly wants to provide some innovations for Windows 10X, and also for the “normal” Windows 10. This supposedly signals a return to more investment in Windows as an operating system and also an ecosystem. In the near future, Microsoft apparently wants to offer the “best of both worlds”. In other words, Windows 10X and Windows 10 is expected to exist parallel to each other.

Recent developments have strongly indicated that Windows 10X is not just meant for portable, dual-screen mobile computing devices. The stripped-down and optimized edition of Windows 10 will eventually make its way to desktops and laptops. This would also mean innovations and features once destined for Windows 10X will also make their way into Windows 10.

Microsoft, however, is still silent about which features and innovations of Windows 10X would find its way into Windows 10. Experts indicate the company would mainly migrate ‘under the hood’ features that improve performance and stability. This may include innovations such asfaster Windows updates and the ability to run old Win32 applications in a protected environment called ‘containers’. Recently, Microsoft sent out updates that attempt to unify the Win32 and UWP platforms. It is quite likely that such features would make their way into Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 OS To Work Well Through Remote Cloud Services?

Microsoft hinted that more information on the company’s plans with regards to Windows 10X would be released later this summer. Incidentally, the Windows 10 fork is not expected to arrive before next year. Hence the company could merely be attempting to ensure OEMs and computer users remain updated with information about Windows 10X.

The mere fact that Microsoft speaks of “re-investments” in Windows should give several Windows OS users hope that more will be done for the operating system. Incidentally, the company recently appointed Panos Panay for the management of the client division around Windows, and since then, it has generally been indicated that Microsoft wants to do more again for the operating system which was once its core product.

Microsoft’s intentions to position Windows 10 or Windows 10X as a core product could also align well with the company’s current platforms like Azure. The company has already embraced Linux. Moreover, Microsoft recently hinted it intended to offer a full-fledged Windows 10 OS experience through remotely hosted cloud services. Hence the mention of reinvestments could be for optimizing the operating system to run remotely.


Alap Naik Desai

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