Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu To Be Decluttered And Simplified But Live Tiles Won’t Be Replaced?

Microsoft is certainly paying extra attention to the Start Menu of Windows 10. Perhaps in an earnest attempt to streamline the development of Windows 10X with Windows 10, upcoming updates to the desktop OS should pack new elements for the Start Menu. The emphasis appears to be on streamlining, decluttering and simplification of the entire Start Menu. However, the company might not scrap the Live Tile feature in its entirety.

After nearly five years, Microsoft appeared ready to replace the Live Tiles from the Start Menu with colorful but static icons of programs and apps. The company hinted at the development earlier this year, and had even accidentally released an update that confirmed the intentions to do away with the Live Tiles. Although the recently release teaser video does indicate Microsoft isn’t carrying forward Live Tiles in its original iteration, the company might not be ready to give up completely on the concept.

Microsoft Teases New ‘Fluent Tiles’ UI Elements Of Windows 10 OS To Celebrate One Billion Users:

Microsoft recently confirmed more than one billion Windows 10 OS users. Windows 10 was released about five years ago, but Microsoft has largely retained the overall appearance of the operating system. The company has indicated that it doesn’t do monolithic version updates anymore. However, during a recent Windows Insiders webcast, Microsoft showed off its new vision for the Start menu that emphasizes icon-based Fluent tiles.

In a new video celebrating the 1 Billion Windows 10 users milestone, shared on Instagram by Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, the company has teased a few new UI changes coming to the start menu. The video starts off by going through the various versions of the OS from Windows 1.0 through Windows 10. While this is quite familiar to Windows OS loyalists, the video shows off the new app icons replacing the older icons in the app list on the start menu.

The video continues to reveal a new layout of the Start Menu with tiles that have a more unified background color in dark and light modes. This is in stark contrast to the current design and layout of the Windows 10 Start Menu wherein the app color dominates the background color. In addition to the Start menu, the video also provides a glimpse of the new unified File Explorer, updated context menus, Microsoft Photos app, Calculator, and more.

Microsoft is clearly testing a redesigned Start menu that will reduce the emphasis on its current Live Tiles interface in exchange for the standard or static tiles with a translucent background. The Start menu will include fewer colored blocks in the updated interface. Interestingly, live or real-time information doesn’t appear to be the focus. However, this does not mean Live Tiles will be completely gone soon. The changes indicate Microsoft is now sliding towards a cleaner, clutter-free interface by removing unnecessary UI elements.

In addition to the Start Menu redesign, Microsoft is also working on an updated UI for the context menu that looks to be more consistent across the operating system. The right-click which gives the Context Menu is getting new options that would help you navigate between files, open web browsers, and access tabs in Explorer.

When Will Microsoft Windows Get The Redesigned Start Menu, Context menu, File Explorer?

Experts indicate the changes to the Windows 10 Start Menu might not be visible to the general users on their machines for quite some time. The upcoming Windows 10 2004 Update is nearly finalized and expected to land anytime in the next month. Hence, Microsoft could gradually introduce the revised Start Menu design in the Insider Preview and Fast Ring and finalize the same before releasing the updated version in the next year to the general users of Windows 10.

It is important to note that Microsoft is nowhere near finalizing the new elements. In fact, the modern UI for Windows 10 and the designs teased in the video aren’t available to testers. There’s little doubt that Microsoft Windows 10 needs a significantly overhauled UI. It has been a long time since Microsoft has modernized the operating system to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving world of personal computing, and more specifically, the operating systems.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu To Be Decluttered And Simplified But Live Tiles Won’t Be Replaced?

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