Microsoft Windows 10 OS To Get Windows 10X Exclusive Modular Features Starting With New Multi-Content Panel

Microsoft Windows 10, the full-fledged PC Operating System, could soon get a lot of features that were designed for Windows 10X, the OS that was initially meant for multi-screen devices. Several new features from Windows 10X are reportedly being optimized for Windows 10, and some like the new multi-content system-wide application panel has already begun to show in experimental or testing builds of Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10X is still being promoted as a modular, simplified version of the Windows 10 Operating System. The OS is believed to be a lightweight and versatile alternative to Windows 10. It was earlier believed that Microsoft will restrict Windows 10X to multi-screen as well as mobile computing devices. However, Microsoft recently indicated Windows 10X is also being developed as an alternative to Windows 10. Now it seems Windows 10 and Windows 10X will share a lot of features.

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 20185 Gets New Panel With Multiple Content Like Emoji, GIFs, and Clipboard Content from Windows 10X:

Microsoft had originally positioned Windows 10X as the OS designed for dual-screen devices, such as its own Surface Neo. However, the company recently indicated it has been reworking the OS to work on several more devices including single-screen laptops. Now it appears some of the modular operating system’s important features are being ported over to devices running the full Windows 10 OS. Moreover, several key features might be migrated “sooner rather than later.”

Windows 10 Build 20185 has received a new panel that will let Windows 10 OS users insert emoji, GIFs, and even clipboard content. The emoji or clipboard panel has multiple new features and it has been redesigned to offer a better experience. The panel has a redesigned homepage where users can access their most recently used emoji and GIFs. Users can also search for emojis and GIFs, which is a new addition to the panel on Windows 10.

Interestingly, the new panel will also let users access symbols and kaomoji. Just like the clipboard facility in Windows 10, the new emoji panel also includes a feature called “Clipboard history”, which lets users see a list of items that they have copied to the clipboard recently. Additionally, the new feature supports text, images, HTML content, etc. These can also be synced across connected devices. The feature can be turned off and the history can be quickly deleted.

Other Expected Windows 10X Features In Windows 10:

Besides the emoji panel, reports indicate Microsoft might soon integrate the “Faster Windows Updates” experience. Although Windows 10 has had a rather rough history with updates (optional and otherwise), the feature allows some updates to be downloaded and installed at an accelerated pace.

There were persistent rumors that Microsoft could even bring the new and improved Action Center from Windows 10X to Windows 10. The new Action Center is apparently optimized for boosting productivity. Additionally, the Windows 10X version was seemingly more streamlined and smoother to operate.

Microsoft has been steadily improving the Settings Page in Windows 10. The company has indicated that the traditional Control Panel could soon be degraded and would eventually be replaced completely by the Settings Page. It is quite likely that the Settings page might have multi-level access that is inspired by Windows 10X.

Alap Naik Desai
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