Microsoft Windows 10 October 2020 Security Feature Update Causing Login, Print, And Multiple Issues If Not Failing To Install

Microsoft Windows 10 has begun receiving a new cumulative feature update as part of the October Patch Tuesday. The Security Update, tagged as KB4579311, is reportedly causing several issues with Windows 10 installations.

If not failing to install completely, the Cumulative Security Feature Update KB4579311 is reportedly causing several problems. Some of the common issues besides ‘Failure to install’ are sign-in and freezing issues, USB-connected printers stop functioning, File Explorer crashing, and looping.

October Cumulative Update for Windows 10 2004 KB4579311 Causing Severe Problems?

Microsoft recently released KB4579311, a Cumulative Update for Windows 10 v2004. The update is part of Patch Tuesday. Now there are several complaints on the Answers forum and Feedback Hub that claim the update fails to install, and if it does install, causes several issues with the Windows 10 PCs. Some of the most common issues with the KB4579311 are as follows:

  • Windows Update fails to install KB4579311 with an error for some users
  • Manual download and install from Microsoft Catalog update, also triggering an error
  • The update is causing sign-in and freezing issues. Desktop turns to black after startup. USB network printer problems also reported.
  • Explorer crashes in a loop after login and becomes unresponsive, sometimes.

Windows 10 users who have been attempting to manually download and install KB4579311 claim the update fails to install in this way as well. Users have been attempting to download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog. But trying to install the same results in the error which says “some updates were not installed.”

Even the Windows Update isn’t helpful as it shows a generic error code to troubleshoot (0x800f0988) on why the update not installed. Some of the common responses to the KB4579311 failing to install are as follows:

  • “There were some problems in installing the Updates, but we’ll try again later”.
  • “Some update files are missing or having problems. We’ll try to download the update again later. Error code (0x8007000d)”.
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If the Security Update KB4579311 does install, then users are greeted with weird issues. Some users who managed to install the update claim they can’t log in to Windows 10 or they are greeted with a black screen on startup. Some users reportedly couldn’t use their HDMI connection and needed a System Restore to fix the issue.

Should Windows 10 Users Uninstall KB4579311 Security Update?

Security Updates are critical for the security and integrity of Windows 10. Hence it is strongly recommended not to uninstall them. Moreover, such updates are not optional. In other words, Microsoft automatically downloads these updates and installs them on compatible and relevant Windows 10 machines.

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Still, if users have begun to experience weird or erratic behavior of their Windows 10 machines, then they can Visit Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed updates and search for KB4579311 to uninstall the security update. Moreover, in case any Windows 10 machine hasn’t received the update, users are strongly advised not to manually search and install the same.

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Microsoft Windows 10 October 2020 Security Feature Update Causing Login, Print, And Multiple Issues If Not Failing To Install

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