Microsoft Windows 10 Cannot Connect To Internet With ‘Limited Or No Connection’ Status Issues Spreads

Several Windows 10 OS users have started experiencing weird internet connectivity issues. PCs using either Wi-Fi or LAN connection are unable to connect to the internet and being greeted with ‘Limited’ or ‘No Connections Available’ status message in the notification area. While Microsoft is unable to pinpoint the exact cause behind the failure to connect to the internet, the company indicated it is developing a hotfix to address the internet connectivity problems in Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 users, especially on the latest version of the operating system, the Windows 10 November 2019 Update, as well as the May 2019 Update, could suddenly lose their internet connection. The problem could affect Wi-Fi or ethernet connections and appears rather complex to investigate and solve. Microsoft has been battling several weird or erratic behavior and issues that cropped up after the latest updates were installed. While Microsoft has yet to acknowledge problems with Windows 10 optional cumulative update, the company recently confirmed a new bug in the OS that causes internet issues.

Windows 10 OS Users Getting ‘Limited’ Or ‘No Internet Connection’ Status Due To Latest Cumulative Updates?

Microsoft has acknowledged a new bug that causes PC to disconnect from an active internet connection. The company noted that the bug is affecting some systems, and it particularly impacts PC with Windows 10 November 2019 Update or May 2019 Update. The bug can cause the internet connection to stop working on a few random PCs and result in a limited or no internet connection status in the notification area.

Microsoft has observed that the majority of Windows 10 computers affected by the new limited internet connection problem appear to have either manual or auto-configured proxy such as VPNs (Virtual Private Network). Moreover, apps that use WinHTTP or WinInet are already suffering from another bug that can potentially prevent such apps from accessing internet content. Some of the most common platforms that are suffering include Microsoft Teams, Office, Outlook, Office 365, Internet Explorer and even some versions of Edge.

What Is Causing The Windows 10 Limited Internet Connection Bug And How To Address The Same?

According to Microsoft, the issue is linked to Windows 10’s February 27 cumulative update KB4535996. Additionally, the company implies the issue might crop up when users are connected to a VPN or disconnected from a VPN connection.

Simply put, it is not clear exactly what causes the failure to connect to the internet. There’s no indication about how widespread is the issue. The KB4535996 update is optional. This update has been known to cause quite a few problems. Hence several Windows 10 OS users have already chosen to skip the optional non-security Cumulative Update.

Microsoft has confirmed that it has already started working on a hotfix for Windows 10 users. The company is reportedly planning to publish an out-of-band patch in early April 2020. Microsoft will also include the patch to fix the Windows 10 Limited Internet Connection issue with a future Windows 10 Patch Tuesday release as well.

Until Microsoft issues a fix, if users see limited or no internet connection error when VPN is connected or disconnected, the most commonly recommended solution is restarting the Windows 10 PC multiple times. Multiple reboots appear to occasionally fix internet connectivity. It is important to note that the solution is only a temporary workaround. In other words, users might get the same error again after a few days. If the issue reoccurs, users can repeat the suggested workaround.

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