Microsoft Will Sync Clipboard To The Cloud For Windows 10 And Android In SwiftKey Keyboard?

The rather humble Clipboard feature in Microsoft Windows 10 is about to get a major feature update that would boost copy-paste capabilities across devices. The feature will essentially allow Android smartphone and Windows 10 OS desktop users to access copied data across their devices through the cloud.

Microsoft is attempting to evolve the Clipboard feature, common in Windows Operating Systems, and sync it to the cloud. In other words, Microsoft has added ‘Cloud Clipboard’ support to Windows 10 systems. The latest feature update to Windows 10, the October 2020 update, includes an enhanced version of the Clipboard that should boost cross-platform copy-paste between Windows 10 desktops and Android smartphones.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard For Android And Windows 10 OS To Offer Cloud Clipboard Functionality:

Microsoft has been working on a new feature for its flagship SwiftKey mobile keyboard app that will change the way clipboard contents are copied and pasted between Windows 10 and Android smartphones. With the latest October 2020 Feature Update, Microsoft has added ‘Cloud Clipboard’ support to Windows 10 OS.

Accessed by pressing the Win+V keyboard shortcut, the Cloud Clipboard will offer a history of the text and images that the user has previously copied. The feature also allows users to pin frequently used content and sync them across your Windows devices. Until recently, copied text, images, and HTML code in the standard clipboard history were shared across all Windows 10 OS devices that were signed in to the same Microsoft account. The same functionality is now being extended to Android smartphones that have the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard app installed.

Although in a beta testing phase, the latest SwiftKey Keyboard for Android has a new option called “Sync clipboard history to the cloud”. The description of the feature reads: “Copy and paste text from your other devices. When this is on, Microsoft receives your clipboard data to sync across your Windows devices.”

It is not clear why, but Microsoft had abruptly halted development on this feature about two years ago. However, the company has restarted development, and the Cloud Clipboard feature can potentially allow users to copy a sentence or other content on Android phones and access it in the clipboard history of Windows 10. Similarly, users can also sync their Windows clipboard to SwiftKey and access the clipboard on their Android device.

Incidentally, Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows 10 already supports cross-device copy and paste. However, Microsoft has restricted the availability of the feature to a select few Samsung Android smartphones.


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