Microsoft Will Highlight New Features In Windows 10 After Cumulative Updates Are Delivered And Installed

Microsoft has indicated that the company will highlight new features to a Windows 10 Operating System user after a Cumulative Update is installed. The “Post-Upgrade Experience” is about to undergo a significant alteration wherein users of the OS will receive information about new functionalities that a large Feature Update has delivered.

Large Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 Operating System have always been a mystery. These updates bring with them several improvements, features, bug fixes as well as stability boosters. However, the majority of everyday Windows OS users, including those who used Windows 7 and continued with Windows 10, are unaware of the contents of the Cumulative Updates that their Windows OS grabbed from Microsoft servers. Now Microsoft is addressing the confusion. The company has indicated that future versions of Microsoft Windows 10 OS will highlight new features to the user as part of the post-upgrade experience.

Windows 10 Cumulative Feature Updates To Have Revised ‘Post-Update Experience’ For Educational And Awareness Purposes:

Every major Cumulative Update for the Windows Operating System has been rather mysterious. Simply put, current feature updates for Windows 10 barely display any information after upgrades in regards to changes or new features. This is a big cause of concern for both Microsoft and Windows 10 OS users.

Many OS users have repeatedly complained that the Cumulative Updates take a lot of time and resources to download and install. Moreover, with no perceivable benefit or explicit awareness, Windows OS users have often avoided availing the feature updates immediately after they arrive. This is a concern for Microsoft because the company includes several bug fixes and stability improvement utilities to improve the user experience of Windows 10, but the users simply keep away from the same owing to lack of clarity.

Incidentally, Microsoft does offer information in the form of ChangeLog. Additionally, there’s ample information online which details what Microsoft has included in every Cumulative Feature Update. In other words, the updates are not a secret. However, the average Windows 10 OS user could benefit from the information about new features and utilities right after the Cumulative Feature Update is installed. The information could promote the discovery and usage of the features. Additionally, users could readily accept, download, and install the large feature updates sooner rather than keeping them pending.

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Build 20190 Introduces Improved Post-Upgrade Tips Feature:

Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Insider Build 20190 this week. The new Build introduces the post-upgrade tips feature. The feature is currently restricted to ‘English’ language only. However, the company should unlock this ‘Post-Upgrade Experience’ for other locales in the future.

Additionally, the Windows Welcome Experience setting needs to be enabled on devices as well, for the tips to be displayed. Microsoft greets the user with the following message:

To see this experience on your device, make sure the “Show me the Windows welcome experience” checkbox in Settings > System > Notifications & actions is checked.

The new feature opens a “Tips” window on the screen after the Cumulative Feature Upgrade is installed. It displays the main changes and new features of that particular version of Windows 10. It also includes the standard back and forwards buttons to go through all the features and changes, as well as a close button to close the window. Although fairly easy to ignore, it is strongly advised that users take time and go through the Tip window to understand what they are getting in the new feature update.

Interestingly, there could also be a “Try It” button. Although Microsoft hasn’t offered much information about the same, it is rather self-explanatory. The ‘Try It’ should offer users a quick way to experience some of the new features that the update has just delivered. This should promote the discovery and regular usage of the new features, tools, and utilities Microsoft sends in Windows 10 Feature Updates twice a year.

Alap Naik Desai
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