Microsoft Whiteboard becomes more Readable, Offers a Variety of Color and Background Options

Nearly a month ago, Microsoft had revealed that a possible update might be underway for providing users with an option of using a dark ‘blackboard’ for their boards. The announcement was first shared by Emil Petro.

It was also revealed that more colors will also be added to choose from, even though a specification was not provided. The change has officially been released through the latest update for Windows 10 and iOS app versions. According to Itai Almog at Microsoft Office 365 Blog, the update has arrived after receiving feedback from the growing customer base.

Following new features are being offered for Microsoft Whiteboard with the latest update:

New Pen Colors with Different Thicknesses

This feature has come after popular demand from users. Ten new pens with different colors and thicknesses have been added. It will allow Whiteboard users to express the users in a bolder and more colorful way. For accessing the new thicknesses and colors, clicking on the pen that has been selected will pop open the palette.

More Pens with Different Colors and Thickness

Background Gridlines and Colors

This new feature is quite refreshing for the users. Here they can customize the feel and look of their board which will help in ideas to stand out. The boards will also become more readable and usable. Users can now choose from nine different color options for their whiteboard and eight kinds of gridlines. They can be used separately or together for customization of the boards’ backgrounds. These options can be selected from the Settings menu of any board.

More Background Colors now Available

Type text directly through keyboard

This feature has been included while keeping in consideration the fact that not all devices take pen inputs. Moreover, not everyone has ‘the neatest handwriting’. Even though sticky notes might be great for comment typing, a little more direct way is sometimes the users really need. For the users who may prefer typing directly on the board, selecting the text entry option from the contextual menu has been made possible. By selecting this option, they can type to their heart’s content.

Text can now be typed directly on board

According to the blog, more exciting updates are in the pipeline for Windows 10 users.


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