Microsoft Updates Office 365 for Android to Add Sideways Editing and Delete Contacts Option

Last month Microsoft had revealed its plans of adding new features to its Office 365 apps for Android devices. Staying true to its promise, the software giant has finally made available improved and new Office features for its subscribers who have the Microsoft’s productivity suite installed on their devices. In the official release, all the update features in Build 16.0.10325.20043, have been revealed.

Word Count

The word count of an MS word document will always be in view even during scrolling upwards or downwards.


Delete Contacts

On users’ demand, contacts can now be deleted in Outlook for Android.


Limited Distractions

Another new update in Outlook allows the subscriber to turn off any email notifications during a meeting so that there can be limited distractions and complete attention can be put to whatever is being done at the moment.


Sideways Editing

In the updated version of MS Powerpoint, slides can be edited by turning it sideways. It is great news for those who find it convenient to read the slides by turning the device sideways.


As compared to the Insiders, only some of the new features are available for the regular subscribers in Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. Nevertheless, the new update is worthwhile, specifically in MS word. For Insiders, the following are the additional new features available:

  • Readily available stock quotes where you can retrieve price change, stock price and new Stocks data type
  • Hyperlinks can be of any color you want
  • Recent save location option allows for an organized project
  • People suggestions provided by Scheduling Assistant
Maira Ahmed
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